Cleaning – Easy Ways to Save Money

April 18, 2012 Comments Off

Are you worried about money? There are many ways you can save money in household cleaning. Even if you undertake a few of them, you can save money in the end. Use the things that you already have in your house that will probably go to waste after a while. Some added money is always good, and with a bit of changing you can have your extra money in the end of the month. Here are a few easy and effective tips.

Supply: You can also save money on products. I would recommend you to buy in bulks, and not buying individually. Make a list, of all the things you need and get them at the same time, which will cut down its cost because many things when bought in bulks cost less. It saves your money, time, and gas. There is no need to buy the expensive “Good Brand.” Go for the store-brand, if you check the main ingredients of both the products are the same. Check the ingredients online and match them to satisfy yourself.

Coupons: They are easily found in local newspapers, magazines, and on the internet. Visit websites listed under savings or coupons. You can subscribe via email to newsletters, just print them, and you are good to go

Simplify: Use all-product cleaners, instead of buying a cleaner for everything individually. It cuts down a chunk of your expenses. Many mulch-purpose cleaners do a fabulous job cleaning. They save your storage space and your money.

Eco-friendly: Put your money on things you can use again, and not buying disposable stuff. Put your money on a micro fiber duster instead of using paper towels. You can also use a synthetic sponge, after using it put it in your sink with the micro fiber duster add a cup of bleach, and fill it with water. It will kill the bacteria, add a good scent to the sponge or duster, and will clean your sink. Turn off the lights if no one is in the room.

Homemade: white vinegar will do the trick. It holds the ability to eradicate mold, bacteria, and other germs. It also costs less the cleaning products. It is a simple mix equal quantity of water, and white vinegar in an old spray bottle. Use vinegar to clean drains, coffee pots, dishwasher, carpets, and many other things. Liquid dishwashing soap can also be used to clean various items of your house. Same as vinegar you can combine it with water, but use three drops of liquid, and add warm water in this case. It easily removes stains from rugs, clothes, and windows.

Clear: When you are cleaning your house, get rid of unwanted items. When there are fewer things, you have to clean fewer things. You can then sell these unwanted and unused items, and turn it to extra money. Collect everything you do not need and arrange a yard sale. Once you get rid of the mess you will also save cleaning product and time.

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