Breastfeed and Burn Calories to Lose Weight Naturally

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We all know how important breastfeeding is for babies. This fluid is the healthiest and most nutritious source of food available for our little ones. However, breastfeeding doesn’t only provide a solid foundation of growth for babies; the procedure also helps mums burn calories and loses weight naturally.

Breastfeeding naturally reduces weight without the mom putting an effort to burn calories. In fact, the natural process of making milk burns many calories in a day. The following are some benefits of breastfeeding and weight loss to consider:

Effects of Breastfeeding

A woman can burn up to 600 calories per day depending on the amount of milk she feeds to her infant. It is studied that with 1 oz. milk production, a woman can burn up to 20 calories. According to studies, women who breastfeed their children lose more weight eventually as compared to moms who prefer bottle-feeding and are consuming fewer calories.

Mothers who prefer breastfeeding not only reduce overall weight after pregnancy but also decrease the body fat in their lower thighs and hip area than bottle-feeding mothers.


According to studies, a baby consumes twenty-five oz. of breast milk on average every day, resulting in mums burning 500 calories naturally every day. However, this may increase or decrease depending on how much breast milk is fed to the baby. On average, a one to six month old baby consumes nineteen to thirty-two oz. every day. The solid food consumption after six months will vary as the baby grows.

Health Considerations

Since moms who are breastfeeding are burning so many calories naturally, they must follow a very healthy and optimal diet in order to stay fit and healthy. In general, breastfeeding moms should consume up to 2000 calories ever day in order to reach their pre-pregnancy weight.

Many women avoid food in order to trim down and shed pregnancy weight as soon as possible. This approach isn’t suitable especially if you are planning to breastfeed your baby. Eat when you feel hungry and eat a healthy diet instead of munching on junk and high caloric food.

A woman should be very keen in taking her diet decisions because whatever she consumes will pass into her breast milk and eventually into the baby. So avoiding processed, contaminated foods and additives is very important.

Avoid Misconceptions

Do not follow misconceptions that suggest that exercise affects the quantity and quality of breast milk production. In fact, it is important to perform some moderate exercise in order to attain optimal fitness quickly.

While it is true that following a moderate exercise and a healthy diet plan is good, do not overdo it, especially if your baby is younger than 2 months. Most importantly, avoid any fad diets and weight loss medications to continue with healthy nursing.

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