Best Healthy Exercise Tips for Lifetime Fitness

September 18, 2012 Comments Off

The number of exercise tips appearing on the surface has surged over the past few years. You can find all types of tips and tricks promising you flat abs and a tight body. But sometimes, you tend to ask yourself if any of these tips or tricks is really working or if you’re just wasting your valuable time.

There are a lot of people around you who also become generous when it comes to advising about exercise and fitness. For example, you’d become confused when you have to choose between your gym buddies’ advice and some workout routine advertised by a trainer on TV.

By following the fitness tips given below, you can easily maintain your fat burning and muscle building routine.

Strengthen Your Core
Your stomach muscles do a lot more than just developing into a six-pack. These strong muscles are completely wrapped around a person’s torso, providing him with much needed spinal support to stand straight and avoid back-injury. Core muscles also help a great deal when it comes to soothing of the body.

Strengthen your core with focused exercises prior to your actual workout. This will not only help keep your body in an upright state but it will also boost your stamina along with maintaining the body’s health. Core strengthening will give you an advantage of isometric exercises dedicated to the torso.

Replace Slow Cardio with Interval Training
You don’t need to do hours of slow cardio for keeping the body lean. You can easily opt for interval training that lasts around fifteen to twenty minutes every day. These few minutes can give you an advantage of burning double the amount of calories you’d normally burn during an hour of slow and steady cardio. Unlike the steady-state stuff, interval training can also help you continue burning calories even after you’ve stopped exercising.

Get Rid of Exercise Machines and Welcome Weights
Exercise machines are designed by keeping the average man in mind but manufacturers often fail to realize that humans are not all the same and people exist in all forms of heights and weights. For example, some people might be too tall, too short, too thin or excessively overweight with limbs that are of unusual length. There’s always a chance of getting injured or developing weakness.

Get rid of your heavy and large exercise machines and bring in some barbells, medicine balls and dumbbells for building muscles in accordance to your body type. These weights will also help you work on areas that machines are too large to work on.

Target Multiple Joints  
Exercises that involve the strengthening of only a single joint at a time should be avoided unless you’re training for some kind of a bodybuilding contest. Save your time by focusing on exercises that target multiple joints in a single move. This will make your workout less lengthy and easier. Instead of doing slow exercises like triceps push-downs and curls of the biceps, you can do squats that target your legs and back at the same time. Do the bent-over row for building your biceps and your back along with a narrow-grip bench press that will simultaneously target your chest and triceps.

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