Best Foods for the Muscles Growth

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You may have a healthy diet and a toned body, but you won’t be able to gain any muscle strength unless you’re eating the right kind of food. Some foods tend to help build muscles much more than foods that are providers of short-lived energy and flabby muscles.

You can’t build muscles based simply on exercise and strenuous workouts. You have to consume food that enhances your body’s ability to generate tissue and increase muscle strength. Following are the few muscle-building foods that you should know about.

Whole eggs can prove to be a great source for obtaining the daily protein that your body needs so badly. These are considered to be very rich in muscle-building nutrients like calcium, vitamins, iron and zinc, having a protein content of six to eight grams of protein per egg.

Boneless Chicken
Chicken breast is one of the easiest meats to cook and can be turned into a multitude of dishes in a jiffy. With every hundred grams of this boneless meat, you can receive minimal fat with a protein content of thirty grams.

Fish Oil
With enriched omega-3 and anti-inflammatory properties, fish oil is greatly beneficial in the building of new muscles. It helps relieve muscle inflammation resulting from a strenuous workout regime. This special oil also increases your metabolism, allowing you to consume more energetic food and build more muscles with regular exercise.

Water for life
Along with food, water also plays an important part in building muscles in your body. Since the human body is constituted with seventy percent of water, hydrating your muscles will not only aid you in digestion, but also in increasing muscle strength and agility with higher levels of energy. Drinking ten gulps per water session can fulfill your daily hydration requirements.

This bird is not only delightfully tasteful to eat, but it also possesses more than eleven types of minerals with different vitamins that help increase the protein content of the body. According to some scientists, turkey meat is also a carrier of selenium which might prove to be helpful in preventing certain kinds of cancers. Turkey meat is considered as one of the top foods that help build muscles in the body.

Pineapple is considered to be a loaded source of an enzyme called bromelein. This enzyme has proven to be quite effective in aiding protein for digestion. Due to its anti-inflammatory powers, it can be used for the reduction of muscle inflammation via meals taken after your workouts.

Oatmeal is considered to be a healthy and rich source of protein. Oats are blended with vitamins, carbohydrates, protein, fiber and minerals. Steel-cut oats are available in a variety of flavors to help make muscle-building easier and tasty. The human body takes its time in digesting steel-cut oats, which means that the consumer remains fuller than usual with balanced levels of blood sugar.

Wild Rice
You may think rice is all starch and carbohydrates but there is really a wild side to it that’s healthy and nutritious. A cooked cup of wild rice contains seven grams of muscle-building protein and three grams of fiber, making it an excellent replacement for brown rice.

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