9 High Calorie Foods that You Should Avoid

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Any individual on a diet will avoid junk food at all cost. Many people don’t realize that some so-called healthy foods are packed with calories that they don’t want to consume. We asked dietitians Marisa Moore and Sara Krieger to list foods that are thought to be low in calories:

Cereal – Most of us avoid cereals with high sugar content. You should also avoid cereals with nuts, honey clusters and dried fruits. All the following ingredients are high in sugar and fat content. You should also be careful in selecting the type of milk, different toppings and portion size you eat for breakfast. For example, a ½ cup of cereal contains 200 calories; therefore, a bowl of cereal would easily contain 400 calories.

Kreiger recommends eating shredded wheat with nonfat milk as a low-calorie breakfast. Lastly, she suggests using a measuring cup to keep track of the amount cereal you are eating.

Trail Mix – According to our registered dieticians, eating just two handfuls of trail mix means you are consuming 300 calories. The calories will increase if the trail mix includes ingredients like coconut flake and chocolate. A quarter cup of Planters Mixed Nuts and Raisins contain 12 grams of fat and around 160 calories.

Granola - It might taste great with a variety of fruits or yoghurt, but it comes with a heavy price. A cup of granola has 200 to 600 calories. You would consume the same amount of calories if you ate a plate of chocolate chip cookies!

Salads - The toppings in your salad can total up to 1000 calories. Avoid ingredients like cheese, cream dressings and croutons. Opt for salads with minimum dressings and more fresh vegetables.

Mango - This tropical fruit is an amazing source of Vitamin A and C. Unfortunately, one cup of sliced mangos contains around 100 calories. Individuals on a diet should eat watermelon, cantaloupe or other foods with high water content.

Energy Bars  - We all think it is safe to eat energy bars. The reality is that an energy bar contains up to 300 calories. These bars are not only packed with extra calories but also extra sugar.

Frozen Yoghurt  - Frozen yoghurt might seem the best alternative for an ice cream. In reality, it is high in calories and sugar. Moore especially warns individuals to stay clear away from Greek-style yogurt. Take for example a ½ cup of Ben & Jerry’s Banana Peanut Butter Greek Frozen Yoghurt. It contains more than 200 calories and has 26 grams of sugar. It contains more sugar and calories than a chocolate ice cream!

Smoothies - Moore points out the fact that smoothies can contain up to 500 calories. She recommends making smoothies at home because then you can opt for low-calorie ingredients.

Starch- filled vegetables  - Vegetables with high starch content like potatoes and corn are also high in calories. Studies show that starch-filled vegetable always contain more calories than leafy, green vegetables. If you are on a diet, you should eat low-calorie vegetables like spinach and broccoli.

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