9 Health Facts That Are No Longer True

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Back in the fifties, wrong information about health would spread slowly. However, today it only takes a second to spread news fast, thanks to our cell phones and the internet. It is easy to believe text messages and emails you receive daily, so today we are going to set the record straight about facts that are no longer true:

You have to drink eight glasses of water daily.

The U.S Food and Nutrition Broad announced in 1945 that individuals need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. So not before long, individuals believed that they needed to drink eight glasses of water apart from the food and drink they were eating and drinking daily. The fact is that water is essential, but you can also stay hydrated from drinking tea, milk and juice. Fibrous food like fruits and vegetables also keep your body hydrated.

Stress causes gray hair.

Your mother probably blamed you for her gray hair. It turns out that there is no scientific evidence that proves stress causes hair to go gray.


Reading in poor light will totally ruin your eyes.

It is true that reading in a bad light will strain your eyes. Some individuals even suffer from headaches when they read in poor light. However, a healthy night’s sleep will help your eyes recover just fine without any permanent damage.

Coffee is unhealthy for your health.

If you are avoiding your craving for coffee because you believe it’s bad for you, then get your facts straights. Coffee is extracted from plants that contain powerful phytochemicals. These chemicals compounds act as antioxidants. Everybody knows how good antioxidants are for our body.

The old wives’ tale “Feed a cold, starve a fever” is false.


This old wives’ tale dates back to the 1500s when a dictionary master stated that fasting is an excellent remedy for individuals with fever. According to scientific research, there is no evidence that a person’s diet has any particular effect of a cold or fever. However, research does indicate how beneficial drinking fluid is when you have a cold.

Fresh food is better than frozen.

Most of us believe that fresh food is better than frozen food. Scientific research shows that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is no different from eating frozen fruits and vegetables.  Frozen fruits and vegetables can just be as beneficial because they are frozen in peak condition thus their nutrients are preserved.



In the 70s, researchers blamed eggs for heart disease because it is high in cholesterol. New and more advanced research show that saturated and trans fats are responsible for raising the heart-disease risk, not high cholesterol.

You will catch a cold if you go out in chilly weather.

Going out in chilly weather does not affect your immunity, as long as hypothermia does not occur. You only get a cold if you are exposed to the virus.

Lipstick makes you sick.

People believe lipstick can cause damage to you because it contains lead. However, the reality is that almost everything around us contains lead.  According to Dr. Michael Thun, who is a member of the American Cancer Society, lipstick contains a small amount of lead that will not cause any damage.

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