8 Health Products that You Don’t Need!

June 11, 2012 Comments Off

Are all the health products you use necessary or has TV fooled you into believing that you cannot live without these products? Here are eight over-the-counter products that you think you need but in reality, are a waste of your hard-earned money:

Redness-reducing eye drop
If you have blood-shot eyes from lack of sleep or hangover, try avoiding using these drops. If you start using redness-reducing eye drops regularly, then it will mask bigger problems like allergies or dry eyes. It will also cause your eyes to go red regularly because your eyes will get used to them.

Toothbrush sanitizers
According to the reports from the American Dental Association, since toothbrushes are not sold and stored in sterile packages, they can contain bacteria right of the box. However, you do not need to worry because a healthy body can protect itself against germs. You do not need to buy special toothbrush sanitizers to keep your toothbrush clean. Simply wash your toothbrush with tap water thoroughly.

Breath-freshening mouthwash
If you brush your teeth properly and floss like the dentist recommends, then you do not need mouthwash. Dentists generally recommend or prescribe mouthwash for therapeutic purposes like dry mouth. Chronic bad breath is usually a result of something serious like gum disease, tooth decay or even diabetes.

Facial Toner
A toner consists of astringent. This is used to reduce the pore’s size and to remove makeup. According to Patricia Farris, who works as a clinical assistant professor in the dermatology department at Tulane University of School of Medicine, toners are made to restore the skin’s pH after cleansing. However, if you are using a gentle cleanser that does not affect your skin’s pH, then you do not need to use a toner.

Special formulated moisturizer.
If you buy expensive moisturizers because you want to treat your skin with lavish care, then you should know that your money is going down the drain. Rebacca Kazin, who is the medical director of a dermatology and cosmetic center, stresses that a moisturizer is a moisturizer, so it does not matter how expensive it is. She recommends using a moisturizer that has antioxidants or retinols.

Antibacterial soaps
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, antibacterial products do not prevent the spread of infection compared to regular liquid hand soap. As long as you wash your hands properly and thoroughly, even plain soap and water can make a huge difference.

Cold-prevention remedies
You do not need to take Vitamin C or echinacea, if you suffer from cold. Studies support that these remedies are not effective. The Mayo Clinic also warns to avoid zinc-based nasal sprays. It can stifle your sense of smell permanently!

People who are already blessed with good health do not need multivitamins. In fact, some supplements can cause health problems, if you consume it in excess. Individuals with deficiencies should consume vitamins, if their doctors prescribe them. In addition, pregnant women need to take prenatal vitamins to stop birth defects.

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