7 Tips to Prevent Your Feet from Fungal Skin Infections

July 5, 2012 Comments Off

Fungi or fungus is a class of microorganisms that live on our skin. The skin flora is our natural immunity or protection but sometimes these can cause ailments or serious fungal skin infections. At first itching between your feet’s fingers may seem harmless but if not treated well in time it might cause you serious worries and pain in the future. It’s well said ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

A fungal skin infection doesn’t spread below the skin normally; so treating it is pretty easy. Still better, prevent it! Below are some ways to prevent fungal skin infection from attacking your feet.

1. Keep Your Feet Clean: Wash your feet daily except washing them once while bathing. Just give in a few minutes to rinse them well when you have returned home after work.

2. Dry Your Feet: After a good rinse use a towel to dry up your feet. Microorganisms develop in damp and humid environment; so dry the area between your toes completely.

3. Wear Protective Footwear: Feet are protected by shoes when walking down uneven thorny roads. But do you care to protect your feet while using public facilities? If not, pay serious attention to this point. Wear protective shoes whenever you use public facilities, you will never be warned before you catch a fungal skin infections. In some cases, infection is contagious too like nail fungus.

4. Avoid nail paints: Covering your nails with nail paints blocks the oxygen supply to them. Plus, you are unlikely to detect any developing fungal skin infection.

5. Wear Clean & Dry Socks: Always wear completely dry socks to prevent fungal skin infection. If your feet sweat a lot, prefer changing your socks from time to time.

6. Pedicure: Treat your feet with pedicure but remember to check the instruments whether they are sterilized or not. Use only sterilized equipment for pedicure.

7. See a Doctor: Prevent the infection from growing, get an appointment fixed with the doctor at the earliest. You may be suggested to use some anti fungal sprays & powders.

Don’t you see it’s pretty easy to prevent fungal skin infection? If you treat your feet well, you can keep all those fungal skin infections at bay. It is wiser to stick to prevention methodologies rather than going in for the pain.
Following the above mentioned tips accompanied by healthy life style will eradicate the chances of foot fungi.

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