7 Tips to Improve Your Sleeping Experience

June 28, 2012 Comments Off

The lack of proper sleep can drain a person’s energy completely. Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Bad and inconsistent sleep habits result in sleep problems. For example, you might stay up late in the night or eat the wrong food or drink the wrong thing before going to bed.  Such habits have a disruptive impact on your sleep rhythms. As time passes, you will teach your body not to fall asleep. If you want to sleep well, here are ways you can improve your sleeping experience:

1)  Keep a regular sleep schedule

Make it a habit to fall asleep and wake up on the same time. The consistency will help you form a regular sleep pattern. Regularity keeps our body healthy. Note that you should fall asleep and wake up at the same time during the weekend too.

2)   Don’t take long naps after 4p.m

Many individuals take long naps thinking that it will help energize them. Long naps can disrupt your sleeping pattern during the night. If you need a nap to make it through the day, make sure you nap only for half an hour. It is an excellent idea to nap after having lunch.

3)   Prepare for sleep

According to experts, your body needs to produce sleep neurotransmitters before falling asleep. However, if you are watching TV and surfing the computer and suddenly expect to fall asleep, it is not going to happen. One hour before your bedtime, switch of all your electronic devices. Dim the light and relax yourself. This habit will result in a good and calm sleep.

4)   Fall asleep in a dark room

Did you know that your body depends on signals to fall asleep and wake up? When the sun rises, even though your body is asleep, it can feel the light. Similarly, when you fall asleep, your body seeks complete darkness. Artificially-lit rooms disturb your body during your sleep. Therefore, sleep experts recommend sleeping in a completely dark room or with sleep eye shades or eye masks.

5)   Don’t eat snacks made of sugar or refined grains before going to bed Snacks made of refined grains or sugars are metabolic disruptors. They raise blood sugar and cause stress to your organs. This will affect your sleep cycle. Sleep experts recommend high-protein snacks before your bedtime.

6)   Sleeping pills are a big No!

Sleeping pills are not a cure to insomnia; they just mask your sleep problems. Studies support that over a period of time, sleeping pills can cause damage. Remember, they are highly addictive so you should avoid them as much as possible. Instead of taking sleep pills, you should turn to relaxation techniques to cure your sleeping problems.

7)   Learn to catch the sleep wave

Did you know that your brain goes through many sleep cycles every night? Every cycle lasts from 90 minutes to two hours. When a cycle begins, your body’s sleep gate will open. This is the perfect time to fall asleep. If you don’t fall asleep during the beginning of this sleep cycle, chances are you will be awake for the next two hours.

Adopt these rules in your life and see the difference it will make for you! You will find yourself energized every day!

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