6 Health benefit of Water

July 20, 2012 Comments Off

Learn how water can help you build muscle, lose weight, improve your skin and much more.

Get slim with water

  • Are you trying to slim down? Water speed up metabolism and helps you feel full.
  • Switch out calorie-loaded drinks with water, and drink a glass before foods to assist you feel fuller.
  • Drinking extra water also helps rev up metabolism – especially if your glass is icy cold. Your body should work to warm the water up, burning a few additional calories in the procedure.

Water Raises Your Energy level

  • If you’re feeling strained and exhausted, get a pick-me-up with water. Dehydration makes you feel worn down.
  • Water aids the blood transportation oxygen and other vital vitamins and mineral to your cells.
  • If you are drinking enough water, then your heart doesn’t  need to work hard to pump blood all over your body.

Water Lower Anxiety with Water

  • Seventy to 80 % of your brain tissue is water. If you’re dried out, your body and your mind will be strained.
  • If you are feeling anxiety, you’re actually a little dehydrated.
  • To maintain anxiety levels down, keep a glass of water at your work desk or carry a sports bottle and drink regularly.

Water Helps to Build Muscle Tone with Water

  • Drinking water assists to avoid muscle cramping and lubes joints in the body.
  • When you’re well moistened, you can work out longer and stronger without “hitting the wall.”

Water Feed Your Skin

  • Fine lines and wrinkles are greater when you’re dried out. Water is nature’s own beauty cream.
  • Drinking water moistens skin cells and plumps them up, making your face look younger.
  • It also clears the decks impurities and boosts circulation and blood flow, leaving your face clean, pure, and beautiful.

Water Cut down Kidney Stones

  • The rate of distressing kidney stones is soaring because people – including children – aren’t consuming enough water.
  • Water reduces the salts and minerals in your urine that form the solid crystals called kidney stones.
  • Kidney stones cannot form in diluted urine, so reduce your risk with plenty of water!


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