6 Effective Tips to Reduce Stress At Workplace

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Stress and anxiety are among the leading causes of non-productivity at work. Studies have shown that 75% of the population in UK feels stressed every fortnight, which is also a major reason for absenteeism at the work place. This is a troublesome figure in these recessionary times where stress-free and healthy workers are paramount for economic productivity. Let’s talk about some of the interesting tips that people can use when they feel a big slump in their energy levels:

Time Management

One of the most effective stress management advice any one can give you is that of time management. If you consistently feel that your in-tray looks piled up and your out-tray looks relatively empty than maybe you are not managing your priorities well. Keep a to-do-list with yourself at all times, where tasks are marked in order of priority. Make a to-do-list at the start of each day and review the list at day’s end. Building up on this strategy, review all your to-do-lists at the end of the week. This is an effective balance and check mechanism.

Dealing with Conflict

It is easier than you might think. Every time there is some commotion between coworkers or subordinates one has a tendency to interfere and resolve the issue. In a workplace the rules are different; you need to think about the office culture, politics and your role in the organization before you decide to take action.

You Must Delegate!

One of the lessons taught to managers at business schools is delegating tasks. In fact, until recently the definition of a manager was ‘a person who is effectively able to get work done through other people’. This does not mean cajoling your subordinates and keeping them at whips end but to delegate tasks fairly and treating them with respect. Make sure the job descriptions are not overlapping and there is some form of hierarchy among your staff.

Saying No is Easy

Taking on more work than you can handle is an obvious indicator of stress. If you already have much work piled on your in-tray near the second half of Saturday it is best to say ‘no’ if you are getting more work. Be calm and rational about it; explain your current status and your boss will understand.

Add Levity to Your Work Place

It is healthy to take an unscheduled breather at times. Little things like going to the water cooler, tea break, walking outside the building for five minutes will freshen you up. Besides you will most likely run into fellow coworkers who will also be looking for a light and friendly chat.

Personalize Your Space

Your work environment is all about you. You spend almost 50% of your day inside it. Adding an interesting personalized touch to your space will make it homely and comfortable. Some of the things you can add are photographs of your family and loved ones, childhood toys, wall mounted degrees, certificates of appreciation, other important photographs or anything at all that holds emotional value for you.

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