5 Not-So-Subtle Hints Your Girlfriend Wants You to Propose ASAP

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There comes a point in every relationship when you have to decide if you want to walk down the aisle or walk away. You may still be deciding (or be too afraid to admit you want to get married) when your girlfriend decides to take matters into her own hands. If you are really wondering if those are hints or hallow gestures she’s been sending, here are five not-so-subtle signs your girlfriend wants you to propose.

Strategically Placed Materials

The first sure sign your girlfriend wants you to propose is finding magazines and ring brochures riddled around her house, on the coffee table, kitchen counter and by her bedside. It’s one thing if you find a few here and there at her place, but when they start popping up on your couch or in your magazine pile open and bookmarked to certain pages, it’s obvious she’s trying to send you a message. Try flipping through one and you’ll probably find she’s opened and bookmarked certain pages and ring styles just for you.

Diamond Detours

You’re headed out to dinner or a movie and she takes you on a “shortcut” through Tiffany’s – and by the time you leave, you know the difference between emerald cut diamonds, halo settings and carat weight. Obviously this was planned. She probably picked that restaurant just because of its close proximity to her diamond destination. Enjoy the detour and take a few mental notes on what she’s interested in. The ring is important, so make sure you know her style and check out quality and diamond color info at truthaboutdiamonds.com. Chances are she probably already knows exactly what she wants.

Girlfriend Gossip

Usually wedding planning, dress details and honeymoon destinations are reserved for girlfriend gossip. But when she’s hoping the two of you will tie the knot, she’ll include you in all this gabbing. Whether it’s dissecting wedding scenes on TV or in movies, talking about friends who recently got engaged or asking your opinion about an acquaintance’s wedding venue, you can be sure she’s trying to get you thinking about taking your relationship to the next level. Including you in this chatter means she wants you to think about what you want as well.

Parental Pressure

She may act like nothing’s up, but when dinner at her parent’s place turns into an interrogation about your career plans, political views and opinion about children, it is probably because she’s had the “I think he’s the one” talk with her parents and family. Show respect for her folks by handling it with class and confidence, but also show a little bit of your soft side too. If you start thinking about a proposal, you may want to consider including her family in the plans too.

Special Occasions Anxiety

If she’s hoping you’ll pop the question, she may flat out ask if you have “special plans” for an upcoming birthday or anniversary. Know that if you splurge for a fancy dinner on her birthday but the night ends with a big fight over something trivial, it’s because she was expecting a ring.

Take your time and plan your proposal for when you’re ready and in your own style. She may be impatient but in the end she will appreciate your own personal touch.

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