5 Cleaning Products That Will Always Keep Your House Spotless

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Any expert cleaner would tell you that “cleaning” is a chore that needs to be performed on a regular basis. If you clean regularly then it becomes an easy chore; however, the more you delay it, the more difficult it is going to be to get your house spotless again. Apart from cleaning regularly, you also need good cleaning products to help you clean well. Here are top five cleaning products that keep your house shiny and spotless:

1) Newspaper

The next time you are done reading your newspaper, don’t send it for recycling or throw it away. You can reuse old newspapers to keep your mirrors, windows and countertops spotless. According to expert cleaners, if you put a little bit of vinegar on the newspaper, it will become a great cleaning agent. You don’t need to worry about the newspaper staining the objects that you clean because soy ink is used to print newspapers. This ink doesn’t come off, if it comes in contact with liquid. Furthermore, it is non-toxic so your countertops are not being cleaned from toxic material.

2) Hand Vacuum and Dustpan

According to Jill Kushinksy, who works as the chief cleaning officer at MaidPro, a dustpan and hand vacuum are the best cleaning products to make dirt, sand, and crumbs disappear from your floor. These products are more efficient than a broom.

3) Baking Soda

Normally individuals use baking soda to bake or to keep the fridge smelling fresh. They don’t know that this ingredient has another benefit. You can make paste of baking soda by mixing it with water then use it to clean stainless steel surface or stove’s surface. If there are tough spots that are not going away then let them soak in the mixture.

Additional tip: Mix this mixture with salt and clean juice or wine stains from the carpet.

4) Vinegar

Mix vinegar with your food and you will have great taste. This ingredient can be used in many home remedies. According to Amy Bates, who is the owner of the company called Merry Maids, vinegar is a great cleaning tool that can be used to clean mirrors and mineral – buildup on surfaces.

5) A Fixed Cleaning Schedule

Have a weekly, bimonthly, quarterly and yearly cleaning scheduled planned. List all your important cleaning chores according to their priority. For example, you don’t need to scrub your windows daily. Some individuals prefer cleaning their windows bimonthly while others prefer to clean them weekly. Lastly, always stick to your cleaning schedule because then you will not be accumulating all your cleaning chores.

Try these cleaning products and see the see big difference they make in your home!

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