5 Better Time Management Tips for Working Parents

August 5, 2012 Comments Off

There is a saying that if there was enough time in the world, anyone could excel at what they do. Sadly that is not the case; we have a limited life span and only 24 hours to get the allotted tasks completed in a day. The ever increasing workload means that there is less and less time to give at home, thus balancing work life and personal life has become a daunting task.

Consequently, it has all come down to effective time management. In this article we will talk about some interesting tips you can use in your spare time and live happy.

Do Not Panic

Take a deep breath; take out a pen and a pad or a Smartphone or whichever medium you prefer to take notes on. Now plan your daily work and home routine, priority is the key here, so you know which tasks are to be completed first and which ones can be overlooked.  Review your planner in the morning before work, midday and right after work. Take care of each task one at a time and cross reference with your planner.

This way, you will have more control of your routine and will not have a seizure everytime you contemplate on the long day ahead.

Meal Planning

One of the most daunting household tasks is preparing meals. The task is exhausting, takes a lot of time and one has to be very careful since proper nutrition is essential for the health and hence cannot be compromised. Moreover, as a parent, you must also take care of which family member likes what, the different allergies they have etc. Thus taking care of daily meals is a task never to be taken lightly.

By planning meals in advance, much time can be saved by working parents. Prepare a schedule every Sunday after taking a consensus. Stick the list on the refrigerator and if possible get the weekly groceries on Sunday only. This way you can give time to other things throughout the week.

Delegating Chores

Your family is like a company. The parents are the board of directors and children are the employees. Effective management at work can also prove mighty useful for effective management at home. One effective way of dividing work or chores is by delegation. Do not try to be a supermom or super dad and instead make a list of house chores and divide it between each member of the household.

This will instigate discipline and a sense of responsibility in your children.

Work and Play

Differentiating between work and play time can have a huge impact in disciplining your kids and ultimately save your time as well. Your children return home sooner than you do and thus it is important to teach them to finish their homework and preparations for the day ahead before any leisure activity.

So when you return home you know that each member of the house is taking care of his or her responsibilities and thus no additional work lands on your lap.

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