4 Dangerous Workouts You Should Avoid

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With the coming of age, exercising has become more of a necessity rather than some hobby of choice. Modern lifestyles involve tons of activities pertaining to stress. As body health is directly related to mental health, keeping the former intact becomes a must.

The correct form of exercise can leave you active, strong, and ready to face the daily challenges of life, while others may contribute to unimaginable distress. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself away from strenuous and painful exercises instead of making frequent trips to the doctor’s office.

Physicians, trainers and physiologists everywhere have termed the following exercises dangerous and liable for inducing injurious results.

Performing the Yogic Plow
Yoga has proven to bring peace to the mind and relax the body, making it more bendable and agile. Though the plow pose has been in use for a thousand of years to relieve you of the stiffness that you carry in the spine, making it more flexible.

The pose begins with you lying on the floor with arms apart and feet together. Next, you slowly start lifting both your feet upward bringing them all the way back to the head hence, forming the plow. This releases the tightness in your back and shifts all the stress to the shoulders. But not every instructor is cautious enough to guide you through this process properly.

Performing this yogic pose in the wrong way can transfer all the stress towards the neck, leaving you with a painful and problematic neck injury. Instead of feeling fresh and rejuvenated, you’ll find yourself looking for a neck brace.

Leg Lifts for Toned Abs
People are always searching for non-strenuous ways to tone their abs and they often end up doing the straight-leg lifts. These lifts are performed with you lying on your tummy, faced to the ground. Next, you start lifting your legs one at a time, moving them towards the spine.

You may think that this exercise will lead to toned abs, but in reality, you’re giving way to a painful and herniated disc. Save yourself from excruciating pain and try doing some reverse crunches instead.

Deep Squatting
Some may say that squatting deep will build more muscles and give strength to the knees but they’re wrong. Doing deep squats will not only bring you unbearable amounts of pain, it will also put pressure on your knees that is not at all required.

Try squatting without going overboard. Bend till u feel stretched and get up. There’s no need of going down all the way towards the heels. You can also use walls as a back support keeping your legs a feet or two forward, aligning your hips with the knees.

Sit-ups may be considered as an important part of any fitness regime by some people, but they’re not. Doing sit-ups means bending your torso forward and putting immense amounts of pressure on the discs located near the vertebra. This brings you closer to disc injury leading to unwanted pain and medication.

Exercising is a great habit but you should always be careful about performing exercises that could lead to injurious results. Always make sure that you’re performing light workouts. Even if you want to include some strenuous exercises to your regime, be sure to consult a good trainer or a physiologist before you start.

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