3 Ways to Consume Less Sugar

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Research reveals that an average person consumes about 21 teaspoons of sugar in a single day. This is definitely an astonishing statistic because people with such a high intake of sugar have hardly realized it. As a result, they are more likely to suffer from diabetes and other diseases related to obesity. Many of these adults already suffer from these diseases. This is because 65% of US citizens are overweight.

When it comes to children consuming a high amount of sugar, a recent study shows that about 16% of their daily calorie intake is sugar consumption. It means that they consume up to 360 calories from eating sugary food. They get access to added sugars from eatables that are already available in the kitchen cupboard.

According to the research analysis found in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, children get the most of the high-sugar consumption from different food sources. Some of these foods include desserts that are rich in grains (cakes and cookies), syrups, candy, ready-made cereals, and ice cream. Beverage items in the same category are fruit drinks, energy drinks, and soda.

Adults of all ages have almost the same eating habits in terms of consuming sugar. The question arises of how to control the sugar consumption of the entire society? The following ways can help you eliminate a high amount of sugar from your life:

Do Not Stock Up Sugary Foods
Cookies, candies, and cake add a lot of calories to your diet. The best way to keep these sugary foods at a distance is to avoid buying these in bulk. If you do not buy these foods in huge boxes, you will not be stocking up a lot of cookies in your kitchen cupboards.

It is difficult to change a habit in an instant. So try to change it slowly and gradually. Instead of buying the entire stock of sugared food, you can buy that in smaller packets so that you can eat less sugary food.

Switch to Breakfast Cereals
Many people eat pastries and donuts for breakfast. They are of the opinion that it is the best way to boost your energy in the morning. Although an appropriate amount of sugary food can increase your energy level, consuming excess sugar can be harmful for health. To maintenance proper balance, replace breakfast cereal with those pastries and donuts.
Make sure that you check the ingredients of the cereal. They should not consist of more than eight grams of sugar. Moreover, these cereals are a healthy option to maintain your sugar level.

Prefer Skimmed Milk over Sugary Drinks
Health professionals suggest not consuming a lot of energy drinks, fruit juices, and soda because these drinks have a high amount of sugar. Therefore, you can drink skimmed milk and a lot of water to live a healthy life.

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