3 Easy Steps To Kill Fleas In Home Naturally

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These insects can be dangerous. But before they give any signs of danger, they get itchy and irritating. These parasites attack your house by hiding in your pet’s fur. They are usually found in pet beds or places where your pet spends the most time. They feed on blood and not only do they infest animals but they also bite humans. The problems with fleas are that as soon as they find a proper breeding ground, they start to multiply. Usually chemical spraying can eliminate fleas; people avoid the use of chemicals inside their homes due to their side effects. Natural methods are preferred to be used to eliminate fleas, especially if you have young children in the house. Fleas can become a problem if left un-attended, read the following ways to keep your house flea-free:

Step 1
Start gathering all cushions, rugs, pet beds and toys which have been exposed to your pet. You should wash these items in a washing machine. Use hot water towels to wipe the surface of all sofas and chair to kill any remaining fleas. Use soap with hot water in your washing machine. This combination is the best to kill fleas present in your rugs and other items.

Step 2
Instead of dusting your house frequently, try vacuuming your entire house if you have diagnosed a flea problem. Your home should be thoroughly vacuumed. Try moving furniture and other house hold items and vacuum those areas. Since fleas hide in dark and damp areas, Use the vacuum attachments to get into tricky areas. After vacuuming, take the trash bag outside the home and empty all the trash bags inside your house.

Step 3
Diatomaceous earth is a chemical found in home improvement store.  This is a powder that is used to treat flea problems. Spread this chemical onto areas where you suspect flea problems or places where you can see fleas. This doesn’t affect animals or humans. This substance leaves abrasions on fleas, which causes them to bleed and die. Reapply diatomaceous earth on areas where fleas are present or places where you suspect their presence.

Another non-toxic and great way to remove fleas from your home is the use of light and water.  Fill bowls with dish detergent and place them in places where your pet moves around or you can see fleas. Place these bowls close to a night light. Since fleas are drawn to light they will come towards these bowls. If you seen a few drowned fleas in the morning, then this trick is working. Keep these bowls away from areas where kids play. Furthermore you can try using borax and sevin. Mix these two chemicals in equal parts and spread them over affected areas for at least a week. After a week, vacuum your house. The chances are that you will not experience a flea problem after applying the steps mentioned above. But you should always take care of the fact that children should be kept in safe places during these treatments to avoid flea exposure.

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