12 Instant Health & Happiness Boosting Regimen for Today

July 3, 2012 Comments Off

Just for today, forget every single excuse you make not to improve your health. The guidelines mentioned in this article are not set in stone, but are a beginner’s guide to improve your emotional, spiritual and physical life amidst a busy professional life.

1. Replenish Energy with Water

Our bodies are  composed of 90% water and each organ functions well if you replenish your body with water adequately. You can decrease many of your bodily pains by drinking more water only because body parts need hydration.

2. Walk Regularly

Immobility means a sedentary lifestyle which is a curse for the body. Walking lets your body stay active and streamlines blood flow. For example, your heart requires that you stay active so it may function at an optimum level. Walk in the morning to intake oxygenated air because it kills virus and bacteria and might also help prevent cancer.

3. Hug People Your Loved Ones

Scientific research says that by hugging people you love, you can ward off depression because you body releases Oxytocin that are also called feel-good hormones.

4. Consume At Least 3 Servings of Fruit

You should consume at least ½ cup of cherries, blueberries or grapes every day. Dark colored fruits are rich in phytonutrients such as proanthocyanins which fight against querticin and brain disease. Moreover these fruits are rich in water and natural sugar which help restore energy.

5. Eat More Vegetables

Eat more vegetables since these are the best to gain maximum nutrition. These are less expensive and easily available at grocery stores. Buy them in large quantities and use them to prepare salads. Consume greener ones more because they are rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, chlorophyll and several phytonutrients.

6. Meditate

Allocate some time to meditation and unplug yourself from worldly deeds. You will feel more relaxed, and physically and emotionally more powerful after meditating.

7. Deep Breaths

Breathing deep helps reduce buildup of stress hormones as your blood flows in a better manner. This also helps you release anxiety and induce better sleep.

8. Consume Snacks When Hungry

Consume low-calorie snacks such as hummus, vegetables, dried fruits, whole grain pitas and fruits when you feel hungry between meals. These will help you regulate mood and stabilize blood sugar levels.

9. Drink Homemade Fresh Juice

Prepare fresh juice using green veggies to help your body heal naturally. Green vegetables are powerhouses of essential nutrients that help your body energize speedily.

10. Count Your Blessings

Make a list of your blessings, since research reveals that gratitude leads to happiness and better health.

11. Do Someone a Favor

You do not need hoards of cash to help someone spend a good day. Instead, having a heart-to-heart with anyone can make them feel good and help them believe in the goodness of people.

12. Haven’t Pampered Yourself In Ages?

Now is the time to do so as there’s always a room for improvement. Get yourself a manicure and pedicure, and take a warm bath in Epsom salts. Remove dry skin with a bristled brush that will peel off dead skin cells and toxic build up in tissue.

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