10 Easy Ways to Afford Organic Food

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Everybody wants to feed their family members healthy food. However, the thought of spending hard-earned money on high-priced organic food will make you feel reluctant. Fortunately, we have good news for you: if you are selective about the organic food, you eat, and you shop smart, then you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of organic food without paying a premium price. Here are 10 ways to eat organic food for a lower price:

1) Prioritize the organic food you purchase.
Spend your money on high-priority organic food. You shouldn’t spend extra money on low-residue produce like bananas. In addition, you also don’t need to buy organic canned and packaged items like cookies, soups and pancake mix. These are expensive food items and they don’t add value to your nutrition level.

2) Stock up on organic meat and dairy
The advantage of eating organic meat and dairy is that you won’t be exposed to risks like mad cow disease or dangerous hormones. Since organic meat and dairy are expensive, it is always best to stock them up when they are on sale. For instance, you can freeze organic milk.

3) Get coupons and utilize them.
You can get mailer and printable coupons, if you contact your favorite organic brands on their websites like:

4) Join and participate with the local food co-op.
Individuals who want access to natural and organic food can afford such food by joining local food co-ops. The co-ops are stores where members are required to work shifts or buy clubs where people can order organic produce and natural items.

5) Have your organic food delivered to your home.
Through community-supported agriculture programs (CSAs), you can buy fresh organic food for lower prices. If you participate in such a program, all you need to do is pay a fee to a farmer at the beginning of the growing season. Then during the harvest time, you will receive a weekly box of produce. The only disadvantage of this program is that you can’t choose the food items you receive.

6) Don’t buy organic food through the middle man.
You will save a lot of money by buying organic food directly from the farmer. Apart from the cost factor, you will also end up getting freshly picked organic food.

7) Stock up organic food for the winter.
During winter, organic food is more expensive than usual because it is produced off-season. So you should freeze organic fruits and vegetables when they are in season and use them during winter.

8) Cultivate your own organic garden.
If you have green fingers, then start growing your own food. The best part about growing your own food is that you don’t need a lot of land; a small sunny patch is more than sufficient. Plus you can grow the certain vegetables in containers too.

9) Don’t buy expensive organic food when you can get cheaper.
Over the years, many supermarket chains have started including organic products to their own private labels. Some of the items are cheaper and yet of better quality. Stores like Stop & Shop, Super Target, Walmart, and Winn-Dixie sell their own organic food that you can be check out.

10) Be sure to check member warehouse clubs.
All big warehouse clubs sometimes sell organic food at the same price as conventional goods. Be on the lookout for such deals.

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