10 Cleaning Products That Are a Must-have for Your Home

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If you go to the market you will find many new cleaning tools and products, which will promise to make your housework a whole lot easier. You will find a lot of basic cleaners and tools that will help you keep your house clean. But only a few effective tools and products will help you keep your residence spick and span. The following article will give you exact information about these cleaning products.

Swiffer Sweeper
If your sweeper has a disposable pad then it is quite useful.  This sweeper is best for mopping dry floors or surfaces. This also gives the ease of sweeping surfaces and floors due to reduced friction.

Bar Keepers Friend
This is the best and indispensable cleaner that you will ever require. This is an inexpensive cleaner that quickly removes all kinds of tough stains and deposits. It works effectively on almost all types of surfaces. It is tested on surfaces such as porcelain, china, copper, ceramic tile and stainless steel. It easily removes any signs of rust and leaves an elegant shine after cleaning.

Pet Vacuum
If you have a pet in the house, then you need special tools to clean up after your pet. Keeping pets is a hassle if you don’t have proper tools to maintain their hygiene and the mess they make. Unruly hair promote asthma so it’s necessary that you posses a pet vacuum. The WindTunnel is the best tool for this job. This machine minimizes scatter and traps all possible hair and dirt as you vacuum.

Clorox Clean-up
Clorox Clean-Up is an excellent cleaner for your kitchen and bathroom; it kills disease and odor causing germs. This is because of its bleach composition. It not only disinfects but also cleans all surfaces in the process. It cleans grease, dirt and other stains quickly. As an additional property, it also kills mildew and mold.

Oil soap by “Murphy”
This product is ideal for treating wood trim and hardwood floors. It is used to clean furniture and other surfaces around your house. Also works on painted surfaces.

Furniture polish by “Milsek”
This product doesn’t leave behind a silicone or waxy buildup. Instead, it cleans all wooden surfaces and polishes wood with nourishing oils. These natural ingredients give a beautiful and non-greasy shine. It also protects wood in the long-run.

This product cleans surfaces without the streaking effect. This works best on glass, mirrors, chrome and stainless steel. Windex cleans these surfaces effectively and quickly without leaving streaks and residue.

Magic eraser by “Mr. Clean”
To remove stains and scuff marks from surfaces, this sponge will do wonders for you. This will help remove marks and stains off stoves and countertops. The best attribute about these sponges is that they can remove stains from any surface without the aid of additional cleaners.

Toilet bow cleaner by “Lysol”
Its thick formula helps remove stains and cleans marks that are higher than the waterline. It gets rid of any rust stains and mineral deposits as well, also helps in disinfection of the toilet bowl.

Shower and Tub cleaner by “The Works”
This cleaner helps remove mineral deposits and soap scum off the walls of tub and shower areas. All you need to do is spray this cleaner and wipe it clean. It is one the cheapest ways to clean your showers and tubs.

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