Yummy Appetizers for All Your Super Bowl Crowds

December 16, 2012 Comments Off

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and what is better for your bowl game party than some great appetizers for game day.  There are thousands of choices for this special occasion but the fact of the matter is that for your bowl game party you want something with a more masculine touch.  Men love food and are just as excited about what is going to be served as appetizers for game day as they are about the game itself.

Chicken, Chicken and more Chicken

Some great recipes for this game day are wide and varied but you can start with the basics like chicken wings.  Chicken wings are one of the go to foods and you can truly get some of the best sauces that money can buy by simply making them up yourself.  Everything from super-hot and spicy all the way to creamy and mild it’s your choice what you want to serve.

Dips are always a good choice

Then you’ve got your party dips which include everything from a good cheese dip all the way up to more complicated dips like onion and tequila flavored dips.  Dips are really a good choice because you can have a central location right in front of the television and everyone can eat around the dish.

Salsa and Guacamole

Dips also include salsa and guacamole as well which can be served with homemade chips or store bought ones it just depends on your taste and what sort of crowd that you will be serving to at your bowl game party.

For a more sophisticated crowd

You’ve got your more fancy dishes which can be served as well just because football might be a very masculine and brutish sport doesn’t mean that your food has to be.  So this year why not try out things like Mini Brioche Lobster rolls which are absolutely filling and wonderful on the taste buds.  You can serve things like cocktail meatballs in hundreds of different flavors you can serve them on super bowl inspired toothpicks for a more festive look.

Eat what feels good

When it comes to appetizers for game day you are truly and absolutely at no mercy of any one kind of food.  Just make sure that everything is laid out beautifully and that the guests you are actually serving are going to want to eat what you’ve made.  One last note is that making sure you do not over stress about it, make as much as you can in advance and truly make this bowl game party as relaxing as you can because you will surely be able to do everything it just takes time.


There are great choices for the super bowl that allows you to have a wide range of foods presented for all the people that might attend your party.  No matter what your tastes are there is something here for you.

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