Which Pains Should Never Be Ignored?

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Your body has its way of telling if you are suffering from something serious.  Whenever there is something not right, your body rings the bell in the form of pain, and you should never ignore it.  Of course, I am not talking about little, common headaches and gas problems. I am talking about those pains that make you scream out loud. When suddenly a pain like this occurs, it is better to seek a professional help and have medication rather than suffer later with bad health. Here is a list of those pains that you should never ignore.

Pain in Your Chest!
Regardless of saying this is the pain that you should take seriously. It is known that women are more prone to get heart attacks then men in our society, and it is better to take a doctor’s advice before it is too late. To be sure that your chest pain is serious then you would have to the following indications. You would feel out of breath all the time; your heart pain will not go away, and your upper body will be feeling a lot of pain that you have never experienced before.

The Severe Headache!
If you are feeling constant headache, then there might be chance that it is a migraine attack. If you do not feel the other symptoms of migraine like visual problems, then it could be something more serious. Sometimes bad headaches can be caused by brain aneurysm. It can cause even brain damage if not treated immediately.

A Bad Toothache!
If you are constantly feeling tooth ache, then it might be something serious. If your tooth is experiencing severe pain, then it is a possibility that your tooth nerve is damaged. It happens sometimes when the enamel around your tooth is rotting is cracked. If not treated on time, then the bacteria will attack your nerves. If your tooth is already infected, later you would need a root canal done.

Pains in Your Side!
It might be something normal, but if you experience something like you are been sliced in half in your side, or you are forming a fever or feeling nausea, then you might be having appendicitis. There is also a possibility in women that they could have ovarian cyst. Both should be removed immediately at the first experience of pain.

Discomfort in Your Abdomen!
If you are feeling gassy for more than months, then it is a possibility that you could be suffering from ovarian cancer. In this cancer, the first signs are the experiences of bloating, problems in eating and suffering form pains in the abdomen or pelvic region. If these symptoms are therefore, more than two to three weeks, then you should consult a doctor immediately.

Back Pains!
If you are going through back pains that are severe, then your disk might be slipped. Or they might be pressing upon your spinal nerve. If you do not take actions immediately, then you could suffer from severe nerve damage.

Leg Swelling and Pain!
If your lower leg is swollen and red and is experiencing pain with swelling, then it might be possible that you are suffering from a blood clot. You should never massage that area, because it will bring more damage. It cut travel along your lungs, and your oxygen supply will be stopped. Just simple go to a doctor, and they will run tests, if they return positive for the blood clot, then you would be asked to take blood thinners.

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