What Your Favorite Color Tells About You

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What Your Favorite Color Tells About YouColors bring wondrous beauty in our lives. All of us have one special color that we adore for some reason or the other. Did you know your favorite color can tell us about your personality? Read on to discover what your favorite color tells us about you:

1) White – This color represents peace and purity, in some culture it implies youth. If you are old and white is your favorite color, then it represents that you have great ideals and you seek absolute perfection. Or it would represent your desire to lead a simple life.


2)  Red – This vibrant color represents vitality, power and health. Outgoing and aggressive individuals chose red as their favorite color. If red is your favorite color then you are ambitious in nature. However, you can be impulsive and abrupt at times. You cannot stand boredom and you have are naturally optimistic about everything. People with a quiet nature who love red seek strength and warmth.


3) Maroon – Maroon is a favorite of individuals who have been through a lot in life. If maroon is your favorite color then you are generous and easily likable. This color also represents a well-disciplined person.


4) Pink – This color is a favorite amongst women. It represents gentle love and affection. Women who love pink are described as maternal. If you love pink then you seek a sheltered life. You need to feel loved and secure no matter where you are. Also such individuals are described as charming and gentle.


5) Orange – Orange is a bright color that represents luxury and pleasure. It is also a color that represents youth, restlessness and curiosity. No wonder, it is a favorite of extravagant individuals who love to be social and lively. If orange is your favorite color than you are popular and good-natured. At times, you can be little fickle but on the whole you try to be agreeable with everybody.


6) Yellow – This radiant color that brings out the beauty of sunflowers represents imagination, intelligence and happiness. People who are adventurous and seek self-actualization usually love yellow. If yellow is your favorite color, then you are sunny in nature. You are sharp and have a good head for business.


7)  Green – This color represents life, balance and harmony. It also signifies hope and peace. People who love green are refined, cultured and famous. If you love green then you are a very honest person. You are willing to compromise on anything in order to have peace in your life. You are modest, so you may get easily exploited by others.


8)   Blue – Blue stands for duty, reflection and introspection. It is a soft and soothing color, just look at the sky and feel the emotions it evokes in you. Faithful individuals love blue. If this is your favorite color then you constantly worry about everything. You can be cautious at times and don’t know how to relax.


9)  Turquoise – This soft color can easily be forgotten. It represents originality, imagination and complexity. If you love turquoise then you are hardworking. You always strive to be the best. In an extremely difficult situation, you manage to keep a cool head.


10) Purple – This royal color is liked by individuals who like to be different. They are also witty and sensitive at the same time. If this is your favorite color then you are moody, expansive and artistic.


11)   Black – Black is the last color in our list. This color is loved by people who want to appear mysterious. If you love black, then you tend to suppress your desires and worldly aim. Your favorite color indicates that you have suppressed longings and depths.

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