What Does your favorite Household Fragrance Says About You

November 8, 2012 Comments Off

Ever wanted to be that person who enters a room with an air of confidence and basks everyone with a subtle signature scent that gets everyone’s attention and remains well after the person has exit the room?  The signature scent tends to reveal a lot about a person as in the case above, the fresh musky smell of tobacco, lavender and a hint of honey compliments the man’s confidence, individuality and wisdom.

As revealing the cologne you wear is for your personality, the sights and sounds inside your house reveals even more about the nature of its occupants. Let’s talk about some of the smells that mean a lot more than you think:

People who love the scent of lemon in their home are very organized and like to be on top of things. They like to wake up early, sleep on time and stick with a schedule. They like to take long walks and early morning jobs, or go out cycling at sunsets. In a study conducted where the subjects of a group were exposed to the scent of lemon and another group was not, it was found that those exposed to the scent performed 50% better.

An Austrian study has revealed that the smell of oranges energizes people and alleviates the mood. The scent shows that you are creative and a bit careless, but with a good heart. Your house is often the meeting spot on weekends and though it is a bit unkempt, it was very warm towards anyone looking to relax.

Ocean Breeze
Those who love ocean breeze are calm and easy going individuals with strong principles. Many of them are animal lovers and like to keep abreast of and protect endangered species of animals. These people will often be found in charities, cliques, special clubs, lobbies etc. where they can contribute to the cause they believe in. Their home is lightly decorated, unkempt but modern.

Lavender is the famous ingredient found in the perfume pots of ancient Egyptians and Greeks who were well aware of its soothing properties. The small purple flower’s scent is a must for those who have stressful jobs or are juggling various issues in their life like marriage, parents, work and kids. These people are hard working and often like to relax at night with a book and a glass of wine.

Floral scents are the cutest among the bunch of natural smells that we have talked about so far. This smell tells us that a person is friendly, very warm and a hopeful romantic. The person believes in love at first sight. Their home is often stuffed and packs quite a punch in terms of shades, lamps, wall fixtures, paints etc.

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