Ways to Keep a Healthy Relationship Your Life!

April 16, 2012 Comments Off

If you have found your Mr. Right or Ms. Right, it does not mean there are no more obstacles in your love story. Almost every couple in this world goes through a phase where they need to reconnect with each other because they have drifted apart due to their hectic schedules. If you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, then, first, stop worrying about it. Even the most romantic couples in this world sometimes go through a harsh period in their relationship.

Secondly, you can fix it. According to Dr. Michelle Gannon, who is a psychologist in San Francisco, many people believe that for a relationship to work it takes both the individuals’ effort. However, in reality, even if one person makes an effort then it can make a huge difference. Here are ways you can make a difference and improve your relationship:

Be emotionally and physically present
It is difficult to give your precious time to your partner when you are mentally stressed from work or have responsibilities that keep you on your toes Which is exactly why, you should make an extra effort to be there for your loved one. Whenever your partner reaches out to you, you should take that opportunity and be there for him or her. Always keep your communication line open. Lastly, never be distracted with your cell phone when your partner is talking with you.

Set aside special time for each other
Make sure you spend time with your loved one as much as possible. Go out on the weekends or regularly have dinner outside. This way, both of you will be able to relax together.

Show your affection and love physically and verbally
According to Dr. Melanie Greenberg, who is a clinical psychologist in California, physical display of affection like a hug or patting your partner’s arm will show them that you care. Such display of affection might seem like a simple thing but individuals easily forget to express their love. Furthermore, express your love and gratitude to your partner verbally. Do not take them for granted!

Laugh together
Take your partner to a comedy movie and brighten their day with laughter. Laughing together will also help both of you reconnect. Moreover, always remember to share jokes or personal anecdotes with your partner because that will strengthen your communication with him or her.

Clean together
Dr Greenberg stress that couples always fight about the following things: money, parenting, in-laws, sex and housework. You can reduce this list by doing your share of the housework. This will make your partner happier because they know you are chipping in.

Always focus on the good things in life
We are so busy trying to improve our lifestyles that we forget to be grateful. Try to cultivate happiness by being happy with what you have. Appreciate and compliment your partner’s effort and do not take him or her for granted.

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