Ways to Cut Down Unnecessary Calories

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Cutting down on your calories is not an easy task, especially when you have to limit your calorie intake by hundreds so that you would lose around 2 pounds per week. Cutting down so many calories makes you wonder whether you will go hungry, and if you will eat meals from now onwards that only taste like cardboard. In addition, does it mean that you cannot even look at your favorite food any longer?

If you are worried about such things, then you will be relieved to know that there are small changes which you can make in your diet that will make a huge difference in your calorie’s intake. All you need to do is substitute calorie-filled food or change the serving’s size!

For Breakfast

  • Stop eating your waffles with butter or margarine; spread two tablespoons of maple syrup instead. You will decrease your calories intake by 110 calories!
  • You can save 118 calories by eating one ounce of maple turkey as a substitute for maple bacon.
  • Quit eating glaze donuts and eat wholesome bagels in its place. You will save 93 calories.
  • Always choose smaller bagels to eat than medium-sized ones. It will save you around 100 calories.
  • Do not eat your bagels with regular cheese. Try 1.5 ounces of fat-free cream instead. This will easily save you 108 calories.

For Lunch and Dinner

  • Hard salami contains more calories than other foods. While making a sandwich, opt for 1.5 deli turkey instead.
  • A broccoli-cheddar soup might sound and taste great, but it is not great for your diet. A 7-ounce vegetable soup is much better in nutrition and has fewer calories too.
  • Instead of eating fried rice, eat 12 ounces of steamed brown rice without qualms. This will save you 96 calories.
  • By indulging in tortilla wrap you will consume extra 96 calories. Opt for 3-ounce whole grain bagel instead.

For Beverages

  • Save 100 calories easily by drinking two light bears instead of regular beers.
  • By drinking 12 ounces of fresh orange juice, you end up consuming extra 106 calories. Eat a medium-sized orange instead.
  • Do you enjoy chocolate milkshakes? Next time you feel like drinking it, just drink chocolate milk instead. You will easily save you more than 100 calories.

For Snacks and Side Dishes

  • Eating celery with your favorite dips is a healthier option than eating tortilla chips. For one ounce of tortilla chips, just consume one cup of celery. You can reduce your calories intake by 125 calories.
  • Quit snacking on potato chips. Eat a pretzel instead.
  • Raisins are high in calories so eat fresh grapes in its place. You will easily save around 120 calories.
  • Keep the following tips above in your mind and see the difference it makes in your life! Furthermore, do not forget to exercise regularly and always eat healthy food. Keeping a calorie diary also help individuals to keep track of their calories intake. Do that if you easily forget the food you eat!

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