Want To Save Money on Laundry: 16 Tips That Will Help You Out

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An average American family uses the laundry almost 400 times throughout the year, roughly 8 times a week. Laundry and other expenses can cost you a lot; the full year’s soap can cost you around $100.

The following tips will help you save money on laundry:

1. Avoid detergent. If you want to save money, then don’t use detergent too often. Lightly stained clothes can be cleaned without using detergent as washing machines of today operate with agitators that rotate with ball bearing supports. This is enough to remove light stains.
2. Create your detergent. Make your own soap by using a bar of soap with at least three gallons of water. Add 1 cup of borax and ½ cup of washing soda.  Boil the water, add grated soap bar and after adding the borax and washing soda, add the solution into the washing machine.

3. Use half of the recommended amount. Don’t use a capful as shown in TV. Since today’s laundry machines are advanced, using half of the recommended amount will do the job.

4. Avoid frequent washing. Try utilizing you clothes for a longer period of time. Use the towel for at least three showers and wear your jeans for more than 2 days.

5. Avoid buying “dry-clean only” shirts. If you buy 5 shirts of that category, it is possible that you end up spending $600 in dry cleaning. Next time you go shopping, buy high quality “wash-n-wear” shirts.

6. Buy detergent in bulk. Buying detergent in large amounts will help you save a lot of money. Buying the store’s own brand will be more beneficial in terms of savings.

7. Control the level of water. Adjust the level of water according to the amount of clothes in the machine.

8. Reduce the wash cycle setting. Only dirty/soiled clothes need the longer setting. So if your clothes are not that dirty, reduce the cycle setting.

9. High-speed spin cycles. If your machine has this option, then utilize it. High-speed spin cycles remove extra water from the clothes, reducing dryer time. This in-turn saves electricity.

10. Try not to overload. If your washing machine is malfunctioning or old, then don’t overload it. Clothes need space to be washed since agitation is the key to clean clothes.

11. Suds-saver option. If your machine has these options then use it. It will reduce the amount of water you use.

12. Use white vinegar as fabric softener. White vinegar has the same functions of a fabric softener, softening clothes and making them non-static. It is also cheaper.

13. Lint filters cleaning. Manually clean your lint filter every 4-6 months. If you don’t clean this, then it will take a longer time for drying your clothes.
14. Avoid over-drying.  You should use the timer option for drying instead of utilizing the water sensor. Water sensors may also detect vapors and continue drying, which can damage clothes and increase your electricity bill as well.

15. Line drying.  Use the power of the sun and toss your wet clothes onto a clothesline. This is a free way to dry your clothes.

16. Use your off-peak timings. Usually every utility company has discount time and other attractive offers. Call your company and find out more about these timings.

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