Use Hair Rinses When Going Shampoo-Free

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Tired of dry split ends or lanky lifeless hair falling down at the side of your head even though you have experimented with every available mild hair product that established brands have to offer? Well, it might just be the right time to consider how you rinse your hair.

Rinsing hair is just as important, if not more, as using the right product for your hair type. With the right technique you can replenish the natural, uplifting and shiny hair look you always desired. The best part is that you can find most of these items in the fridge, kitchen cupboard and pantry of your house. Let’s talk about some tips on rinsing your hair properly.

Using Tea
Using black and green tea both can restore the natural look for your hair and embellish your scalp. Tea contains caffeine, which makes your hair look fuller and thicker. When you rinse your hair with black tea it helps to clean the scalp and makes it flake free.

Black tea is actually an astringent, which penetrates deep into the pours and expunges excess sebum. Green tea on the other hand reduces scalp irritation produced by dandruff. You can also use lemon grass in the same way but that is used to strengthen the hair instead of the usual shine. Alternatively, use can use a combination of different tea forms.

Here is what you need to do to use tea properly. Brew a cup of tea and leave it to cool down and cook properly for 30 minutes. Now after you are done shampooing and conditioning the hair pour the cool brew over your head and softly massage the scalp and avoid rinsing. Your hair will come out smooth and soft at the end.

Using Beer!
Seriously? Yes! Beer contains hops and malt whose protein can help repair damaged hair and split ends, while giving it a smoother fuller body. But beware that we are talking about non-alcoholic beer as alcohol dries the skin and can have a reverse effect.
To use beer all you have to do is rinse your head with shampoo and conditioner. Then pour warm non-alcoholic beer over your hair and massage gently for five minutes. Clean the hair in the end using lukewarm water.

Removing Buildup
Months of product use, dandruff, scaly skin, loose hair and other assorted particles can build up as a layer over your scalp. Apple cider vinegar is an ideal way to get rid of this grit and restore hair shine. What you need to do is mix one third of apple cider vinegar with a quarter of water. Decant this mixture in a spray bottle.

As in the examples above shampoo and condition your hair and spray your entire scalp evenly. You want to empty the entire spray bottle using this method and allow the mixture to remain on your scalp for about half an hour. Now rinse your hair using cold water.

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