Treat Common Ailments with Yoga

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Yoga is a practice that is used to refine the physical, mental and spiritual states of a person. Yoga is believed to be a very powerful form of exercise. It can be used to cure various ailments. However, it was originally invented by Hindu Gurus for the attainment of high levels of spiritual tranquility. It was thus believed to be a type of meditation.

Today, a number of celebrities like Tara Stiles utilize yoga to enjoy its benefits. Yoga is more common among women because it helps them stay in shape while maintaining a soft and beautiful skin. Tara Stiles is an expert yogi who has been teaching yoga for years. She firmly believes that yoga has high healing powers and its directed use can cure different ailments.

Tara Stiles is the founder of Strala Yoga in New York. In this club, she teaches more than 50 different ways to treat mental, physical and spiritual disorders. Tara Stiles believes that a regular yoga routine can help people in maintaining good health, as it stimulates the nervous system of a body, activates the brain and refreshes the organs.

Tara has been treating people for the hangover. She suggests a simple twisting posture for this purpose. When a person inhales, he/she covers a larger area but when the breath is exhaled while twisting the organs, all the toxins within them are excreted. As a hangover is caused by consumption of alcohol, the toxicity of the substance increases in humans. This increased toxicity causes headache, nausea, lethargy and diarrhea. Therefore, twisting your body while properly inhaling and exhaling can relieve you from the hangover.

Another form of yoga that can be utilized to treat the hangover is headstand. Beginners should not apply pressure on their heads as it can cause serious neck and head injuries. However, headstand increases the flow of blood in the brain and reduces the effects of the hangover.

Stiles is also an expert in helping people deal with broken heart. In medical terminology, it is known as stress cardiomyopathy. Stress cardiomyopathy imitates the symptoms of cardiac arrest. Stiles takes it as mental trauma and suggests a simple tree position yoga to attain the peace of mind required.

Another famous cure by yoga is of bags under eyes. Rubbing your hands to get them warm and then pressing the eyeballs with the heal of the palm transfers the heat to the eyes, which results in increased flow of blood through the veins. This refreshes the eyes and helps in reducing eye bags.

Yoga is a mixture of meditations and exercise. Regular yoga helps in dealing with minor and major ailments. It should be taken as a part of life as it can be adopted by anyone busy in the modern world. Yoga is very powerful and with its proper usage, anyone can enjoy its benefits.

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