Top Ways to Improve Your Kitchen On a Budget

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Cooking is an art that can be enjoyed to the fullest. All chefs go through hard training so that they can prepare food for ravenous patrons in a short period of time. Any restaurant that prepares high-class and mouth-watering meals probably has a chef who rules the kitchen with an iron fist. Chefs adopt strict cooking routines that help them prepare meals instantly. Note that they have no idea what their patrons might order them to cook, yet when you go to a restaurant, your meal is ready for you within a reasonable waiting period. Similarly, you can make a difference in your kitchen by adopting habits that can make it easier to prepare food. Here are some tips to help you improve your kitchen:

Assign functional areas in the kitchen
If you store everything in the right and most accessible area, you will have an easy time preparing your meals. For example: Store all your pans underneath the stove and place all your seasonings, herbs and spices near the stove.

Be careful while storing raw food
Chefs recommend storing beef, poultry, pork and chicken on the bottom shelf of the fridge. This will prevent any cross-contamination. Food borne illnesses are a big threat to everybody. According to a recent study published by the Institute of Food Technologists, many food-borne illnesses that occur in restaurants and homes are never reported.

In addition, whenever you handle raw items, make sure they don’t touch any other ingredient. This would contaminate the ingredients. Also, after you are done cooking, add a small amount of bleach to the dishwater. This would terminate any remaining bacteria on the plate that you used to keep the raw meat.

Increase your workspace as much as possible
Let’s face it; you can’t afford to build an industrial-size kitchen at your home. You can maximize your workspace by getting rid of tools that you don’t use regularly. Experts recommend keeping utensils used to stir and mix the food in a canister near the stove. Store the toaster and coffee maker in lower shelves or cabinets. In fact, always keep your electrical appliances out of sight.

Maximize your time
Experts advise to prepare all the ingredients beforehand. Cut the vegetables a night before and while preparing your dish, cut the meat. With such time-saving tactics, you will be able to cook a meal within 20 minutes instead of taking an hour.  Also, always cook the dish first that takes a longer time to prepare.

Don’t pile up the dishes
When we are cooking, we tend to pile up the dishes that we used. This is simply accumulating extra work! Once you are done using a plate or the chopping board, wash it and put it back in its proper place. This way you will save time.

Keep only fresh spices
It is a good idea to keep the freshest ingredients in your kitchen. Most chefs throw spices and seasonings after six months because they aren’t fresh any more. You will find fresh herbs during the summer month.

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