Top Refreshing Summer Drinks to Help You Stay Cool

August 15, 2012 Comments Off

Isn’t this year’s summer a bit too hot! Even the air conditioning isn’t working and you have no choice but to sit drenched in your sweat. There is, however, another much cheaper and efficient option. Here are a number of summer drinks which will help you keep your cool in intense heat, quite literally.

Mind you, these drinks are nothing like the commercially processed beverages, filled with harmful and unhealthy ingredients. Therefore, follow the much more natural and healthful way of moderating your temperature easily at home.

Melon Puree
This revitalizing, yet simple, drink is a great resource of Vitamin C for the body. Instead of extracting just the juice, the melons are actually pureed, which keeps them filled with their fibrous content. To make this drink, first, you need to slice the melon into pieces. Honeydew, cantaloupe or even watermelon will do. Blend the chunks until smooth, and add water to balance things out, if need be. Lastly, add ice to the drink to make it extra chilled.

Cucumber Mint Water
This refreshing and tasteful drink is a unique mixture of cold water, cucumber and mint. This drink can be easily made for a number of people at one time. In order to make a serving of this drink for a group of eight, first, combine a half sliced cucumber with half a cup of crudely cut mints in a pitcher measuring 4 quarts. Fill the pitcher with water (16 cups) and add ice to serve chilled.

Ginger Cooler
Spicy drinks help one moderate their temperature. The ginger cooler does exactly that. To make this you will need a quarter cup of sliced ginger, a half a cup of mints cut into small pieces, one lime juice, 6 cups of water and a sweetening agent, required for taste. Mix all the ingredients and blend them. Add ice to chill.

Iced Green Tea with Lemon and Mint
Although, a bit of pre-planned work is required, this otherwise effortless drink can help you cool down in the scorching sun quite easily. Here is what you need: 15 green tea bags, one gallon water, a half a cup of whole fresh mint leaves, juice made of 2 lemons and a sweetening agent for taste. Mix the water, mint and tea bags in a clean container, measuring up to one gallon, and let it sit under the sun for 3 to 4 hours, the longer you wait the darker your tea gets. Finally, remove the bags and add lemon juice.

Coconut Water
Rich in nutrients and minerals while low in calorie value, this is one of the healthiest summer drinks to have. You can easily get a handful of coconuts from the local fruit store and start gulping down on its watery content. Also, add lime for a tasty surprise.

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