Top 8 Tips to Get Your Kitchen Organized Overnight

November 18, 2012 Comments Off

Can’t find that jar of chili powder you KNOW you have? The hectic demands of everyday life means that kitchens can easily get messy and unorganized. Fortunately, they’re also pretty simple to get back into order. Check out these eight helpful tips to get your kitchen organized overnight.

Buy Stackable Containers

Kitchens have a way of accumulating an array of container sizes and shapes. This cluster of mismatched containers quickly consumes valuable pantry space and causes frustration each time you need to locate a matching container and lid. Organize your pantry by swapping your mismatched containers for stackable versions of the same brand.

Ditch the Gadgets

That 5-in-1 egg slicer may have seemed liked a good idea at the time of purchase, but it’s now likely just drawer clutter. Ditch your rarely used gadgets to free up more drawer space and easily find the gadgets you do use. However, if your kitchen is overrun by gadgets, you may want to review these five signs that you have a compulsive buying disorder.

Install a Magnetic Spice Rack

Magnetic spice racks aren’t only trendy; they’re major cooking time savers. Never again will you be searching for the illusive container of ground nutmeg in the farthest reaches of the highest cupboard. Prime locations for a magnetic spice rack include a pantry wall or above the stove.

Organize Items by Use

Monitor your daily kitchen routine and reorganize each cupboard’s items to mimic that routine. Pots and pans should be stored within easy reach of the stove while storage containers are often best placed on pantry shelves. Even the relocation of forks and spoons can help you feel more organized.

Buy Organizing Racks

Kitchen shelf organizing racks are some of the best clutter cutters you can buy. Opt for sturdy wood or metal versions in various sizes to fit the cupboards around your kitchen. Prime cupboard space for organizing racks include under the kitchen sink and in the pantry.

Divide Your Drawers

Most kitchen drawers mirror an explosion of cooking utensils. Organize the chaos by dividing your drawers by utensil types. Stocking serving spoons in one slot, knives in another and so on, means you’ll always know exactly where to reach while cooking.

Reserve a Clutter Drawer

While you may have grand aspirations to keep your kitchen completely clutter-free, reality has other plans. Face the music by reserving a special clutter drawer where items without a home can be placed on the fly. Clutter drawers help free up your counter space and contain messes to one location.

Use Labels

Labels are your friends. From spice containers to jars of dried beans, label every container in your pantry to avoid chaos and cooking disasters. Chalkboard paint easily applies to most containers and allows you to erase and remark a container’s labeling as needed.

Kitchen clutter doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, clutter builds in a slow progression of unorganized kitchen habits. Thankfully, even the most unorganized of kitchens can be transformed overnight with a few easy and effective tips.

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