Top 5 ways to Protect Your Kids from Harmful Environmental Food Toxins

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In today’s world of environmental pollution, there are innumerable toxins which are present in the food that you consume. The most affected are children who are more prone to the harmful food toxins that they consume on a daily basis , and we parents , furnish them with these products day in and day out, not knowing what the consequence may be. It is our responsibility to take care of our children.

According to extensive researched by various health scientists, it was found that food which bear toxins are highly exposed to kids as well as adults. Toxic chemicals such as arsenic, acrylamide, and dieldrin were some of the most harmful chemicals found in food products.

Let is now discuss five ways in which we can reduce the consumption of toxic wastes with our food.

Avoid processed foods

Though processed, and ready to eat foods are really easy to have, they contain high level of toxic products in them. It is best that you avoid toxic foods and switch to organic foods or fresh fruits and vegetables that have been grown in your garden. The fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed before using them, as they may contain pesticides which are again harmful for consumption. Your Diet could be wide-ranging to diminish your contact to damaging chemicals. It is also important that you do not use canned food for your child. Like tomato soups, pasta and macaroni sauces. Instead you can make the food at home or as an alternative use food from cartons.

Avoid food like raw milk and large fishes

It is a known fact that animal protein contains large amounts of DDE SO it is advisable to reduce their intake. Big fishes are known to contain mercury as well as arsenic because of the water from which they are fished out. Thus it is always better to consume small sized fishes which accrue lesser levels of mercury. Also while giving your child milk, always make sure that the milk has been pasteurized and boiled. Drinking milk straight from the can is not good for health.

The best milk you can provide to your child is organic milk. Packets of chips and fried foods should completely be avoided because even though not visible, it contains toxics like acryl amides which are very harmful for your child. Also try and avoid using artificial food products and flavouring agents like monosodium glutamate and sweetener. They contain ascharides which are very harmful in the long run. It is better using natural food products.

Do not use plastic containers for storage

Plastic is very harmful for health as it is not a bio degradable product. Plastic contains the component known as Polystyrene and phthalate which is immensely harmful for your health. Avoid using plastic containers for storage as well as heating in the microwave.

Instead try out glass. Glass is the best material in which you can keep your food. You can also store your food in containers which are labelled as phthalate free and BPA free. Foods which can be consumed for detoxification of toxins in your body are milk thistles, broccoli and green leafy vegetables. Milk thistle benefits is that they are very good for health as well as helps in reducing the toxin waste materials from the body.

Use proper cookware while cooking food.

It is very important that you use proper kind of utensils while cooking food. Non stick cookwares, though easy to use, contain chemicals like perfluorocarbons which while cooking can be released in the food when food is cooked in high flames. Instead try using stainless steel or iron cookware.

Do not have food from road sides

Food from roadsides looks tempting and delicious since they comprise of chemicals like methylamine and various bright colours which are not for human consumption. These kinds of food should absolutely be avoided as they are very injurious to health.

With so many chemical exposures around, it is difficult to keep your child safe. However you should attempt in performing your best by your efforts. The first place to make a difference is your own home. So start today!

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