Top 3 Infomercial Exercise Equipment Buys That Are Worth the Money

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By – Stephen Jeske

weight lossIt’s late at night and you’re sitting, exhausted, in front of the television. Nodding off to sleep, you suddenly hear a persuasive voice offering you the chance to finally have the body you’ve always wanted, once and for all. And as an added bonus, you’ll achieve this incredible feat with hardly any effort on your part! In that half-dream state, you wonder whether or not this could really be true.

Sadly, most exercise products offered during these late-night infomercials offer little value. Searching the internet finds many reviews that cast doubt as to whether the equipment is as effective as claimed. Nevertheless, there are a handful of products that are worth further investigation.

At first glance, a jump rope without the rope sounds silly. Who would buy such a thing? Apparently many people are quite satisfied with their purchase, from everyday housewives to famous personalities like Dr. Oz. The company claims that “jumping rope is one of the best full-body workouts.” Apparently it’s three times more effective than a treadmill and requires less coordination and skill. The lack of bulky equipment certainly gives this exercise method a big advantage. You can work out anywhere: at home, in the office, or on the road.

So why not just get a cheap rope at the dollar store? There are three reasons, all of which are addressed by JumpSnap. Rope jumping isn’t very fun, no one likes to do it for very long, and anyone that makes it past a couple of minutes invariably gets tangled up in the rope. With no rope, you can jump anywhere you like, even in front of the television while watching your favorite program. An onboard computer tracks your results, providing encouragement to participate longer. No rope means nothing can get tangled and stop you from exercising.

Zumba combines Latin music with hip hop, cardio, and lots of low-impact movements and twists. There’s no bulky equipment to dominate your living room. Instead, it’s a system that consists of a set of DVDs and a pair of small and lightweight toning sticks.

The DVDs consist mostly of dancing and very little talking, unlike most exercise videos. So you’ll need to watch scenes repetitively in order to learn the moves. The predominance of low-impact moves makes this workout great for anyone concerned with joint stress. For those who wish to participate in group sessions, classes are available locally across the nation. You can always use the DVDs as a supplement for whenever you can’t make it to class.

Suggest Zumba to any guy, and chances are you’ll be met with a blank stare. P90X is a popular set of 12 workouts that combine body-weight and resistance training, ab work, cardio, martial arts, and yoga. Like Zumba, it’s primarily DVD-based with minimal reliance on hardware. Optional equipment includes chin-up bar, resistance bands, and power stands, all of which take up little space. Though many find the exercises enjoyable and challenging, the long videos of 60 to 90 minutes in length can be hard to schedule.

There was a time when late-night television primarily promoted bulky and expensive exercise equipment. The trend has changed toward information oriented systems that require little in the way of hardware and cost far less.

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