Tips on How to Plan a Successful Decorating Budget

June 7, 2012 Comments Off

A budget is not a complicated thing to plan. A good budget is realistic because it helps you keep track of your spending and stops you from wasting money on things you do not need. Here are some tips on how to plan a successful budget:

1) Finalize a realistic amount for your decorating budget

When we state, “realistic amount,” it means an amount that you can afford to spend on your decorating. It does not represent an amount that you are tempted to spend or even the amount that you have in your checking account. Alternatively, the amount that you can use from your new credit card! In short, it is an amount that you will not miss and can spend peacefully.

2) Plan a thorough decorating plan

Many decorating budgets fail because individuals do not bother to have a detailed decorating plan. Take, for example, the following scenario: you need new bed linens for your bedroom. You decide on your budget and walk into your favourite furniture store. You find some fantastic bed linens that come with unbelievable discounts. Thanks to the discounts, the linens fit your pre-planned budget.

Things start falling apart when you reach home. When you reach home, you realize that the linens do not match your room at all! Now you are stuck with linens that do not match your curtains and walls. They looked impressive in the store, unfortunately, in your room, they clash with everything. You also realize you cannot return the linens because your sale purchase was final. In such a situation, you are only left with two options: buy new linens or change everything in your bedroom to match the linens you have bought with the discount. Whatever the case may be; you are still overspending!

This is why; you should always plan everything in detail. Go to window-shopping and look at catalogues online. Gather pictures of things you like and visualize them in your room. Collect samples of paints, carpets and fabrics. Take your time before making the final purchase.

3) Keep a back-up plan

The best planner always has a backup plan. Estimate the total cost higher than what think will cost you. The good thing about this tip is that you will end up saving extra money for your decorating budget. If you are lucky, you will have extra money to buy things you did not initially plan to, or you can buy something that was out of your budget.

4) Take your time and don’t give up

Everybody has a tough time sticking to his or her budget. You will face a similar problem. Therefore, you need to be strong and determined. Be patient and keep looking around for the best bargain. You can even call up stores and ask them when they will have their next sale. You will even find excellent bargains online. However, always be wary of delivery costs. Sometimes the delivery costs are ten times more expensive than the furniture!


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