Things to Do With Old Red Wine

June 3, 2012 Comments Off

Well, I can understand how annoying it is to find a bottle of chardonnay in the back of your refrigerator. Old or bad wine is not totally useless. You can still put them to some use, which is better than simply dumping them. To be in this position is more prevalent among regular drinkers. Making wine is a delicate task; sometimes wine from newly opened bottles doesn’t smell good. Don’t through them away. Here are some suggestions to put them to some use:

 1. Vinotherapy

You might not take it seriously, but vinotherpay is bathing in wine. If you want your skin to be fluffy and soft, this is the thing for you. Vinotherapy is a treatment used to treat skin and cause anti-aging effects. Caudalie was the first one to use it in the field of dermo-cosmetics Not only, that, but he patented Grape Seed Polyphenols for the same purpose.

2. Make an Amazing Vinegar

Yes, you can use your old wine to make high-quality vinegar. The one you usually buy is a third class vinegar; this one will taste truly amazing and is sold for higher prices in the market. Your wine has already started to sour, find some article describing in detail the whole procedure to make a better wine. Vinegar is very beneficial for health; it reduces the risk of high cholesterol and is used to control diabetes. So utilize the bottle you were going to dump and enjoy all the benefits of vinegar.

3. Cook With It

You don’t need your wine to taste the same way as it does in drinking. Using old wine in cooking is totally safe as long as you are boiling. Simply simmer it in your dish during cooking and enjoy the enhanced taste of your food. If have not used wine in cooking, use it! You will find the difference in taste.

4. Use it as a Dye

You can’t forget how bad it felt when you accidentally dropped red wine on your new clothes. Well, you can’t do anything about those clothes, but you can use it to dye old sheets of clothes and enjoy a total new look. Once you get better in dying, you can now dye the clothes you wear as well. Red wine is capable of causing stains on clothes for eternity. Therefore, it is suggested to use it appropriately and not ruin your new clothes. Using it on linen and cotton clothes will give better results.

5. Biodegradation

This is the last thing to do with your wine. As wine is compostable, it can be used to accelerate the process of biodegradation. So either donate it to a place where biodegradation matters or simply pour it on junk in the corner of the street, this will degrade it quicker. All these tips are suggested only and only if your wine hasn’t started to develop fungus and doesn’t smell a rotten dead meat.

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