The New Model of Beauty: Real Women

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Fashion has often focused on women who are much skinnier than average. Some say this is because it shows the clothes off better, yet most find it frustrating. The tradition of looking thin has made it difficult for real women to feel comfortable with the idea of wearing sexy lingerie. Luckily the fashion industry is beginning to show changes, as models are starting to portray more realistic beauty.

Women Considered Plus-Sized

The idea of spotlighting unattainable thinness has made it hard for real women to feel as sexy as they should. According to Yahoo’s online magazine “Shine,” even plus size models who are supposed to sell to women who wear a size 14 are often a mere size 6. This creates the impression that women must be thin to look sexy, even though the average woman is larger than a size 6. This is just not the case, thankfully sexy lingerie is catering increasingly to all shapes and sizes. Despite the challenges much of the industry creates by using very thin models. Changes are on the horizon to help promote healthy models and better self-image.

The New Face of Sexy Lingerie

Major industry players are starting to notice that women are more likely to buy clothing if the model resembles their own body type. The buxom and curvaceous average woman is sashaying into the spotlight. A prime example is the stunning Robyn Lawley, a model from Australia who wears a size 16 and has been named the new face of Boux Avenue lingerie. This change from the usual emaciated model is likely to amp up both sales and self esteems in the industry.

The most prominent factor in a woman’s decision to buy clothing, is of course how beautiful she feels in it, but a secondary motivating factor is how she sizes up to the model she sees in it . If the model looks skinny, average women often feel unworthy of donning the lingerie. Even plus size lingerie models who are too skinny can make other women feel less inclined to purchase the sexy clothing.

Changing to Healthy Body Image

As the UK has embraced Robyn Lawley, the entire industry is starting to show sines of shifting to healthier images of what is sexy. Other UK brands are following suit by creating lingerie sizes that are designed to help women showcase their healthy beauty. Instead of trying to hide a woman’s natural curves, the newer styles are starting to enhance and showcase those curves. Real women have curves, and real women should be the driving force of the fashion industry. As models begin showing the beauty of a healthy body, styles will change to reflect the natural beauty of a healthy woman. Lingerie should be worn, accepted and flaunted by every beautiful body size.

Authored By:Jeffrey Dixon

Jeffrey studied to be a designer but fell in love with writing. Realizing he could do both, he keeps up on trends and writes a blue streak. Sometimes about blue streaks.


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