The “Mad Men” Home Makeover

April 24, 2012 Comments Off

If you are a fan of the hit show “Mad Men” then you may be curious about the 60’s style and fashion. After all, the show is highly nostalgically appealing and the fact that it focuses on people from the 60s, makes the show very popular. The 1960s was an interesting era because it had elegance and vibrancy at the same time. Here is some of the furniture from this era that you can add to your home to give your house the “sixties look”:

Eames Chair
Eames is made from light materials like plastic, fiberglass and plywood. The designers of the Eames chair gave it a bold and appealing look that made it popular. The Eames chair is named after its designers: Charles and Ray Eames.

When the chair was released, it replaced the traditional wooden banker’s chairs. In comparison to the wooden banker’s chairs, Eames chairs were more aesthetically appealing, comfortable, affordable and durable. These chairs would look perfect in your kitchen.

Charles and Ray were also responsible for revolutionizing the lounger. They gave the lounger a modern appeal and created a comfortable piece of furniture where you would sit back and relax after a long day of work.

A Saarinen Table
One of the most-favored styles by interior designers back then would also appeal to the audience who loves their Apple products. The no-nonsense, white, Saarinen table looks like something you would see at the Apple store. You can pair this 60’s table with tulip chairs. This would make your room look like something from the future (though the look is from the 60s!).

This couch was popular in The Beatles’ era (even the mysterious James Bond might have sat on it!) The couch has a contemporary look that appeals to both genders. You can opt for a couch in bold colors or a white couch if you already have too many bold colored items in your room.
How to give your house an affordable “Mad Men” makeover?
All the furniture mentioned above might be from 60’s era, but it does not come cheap. This classic and original furniture is sold for several thousand dollars! Fortunately, for you, there are stores that sell furniture copied from this era! An original Eames chair will cost you $5000. However, you can find an Eames-inspired chair for $ 500 at IKEA. You can also find couches inspired from the 60s at Urban Outfitters. These couches will cost you less than $500. Lastly, you can buy a look-alike Saarinen table from Wal-Mart. An original Saarinen table would have cost you more than $1000! To give the final touch to your home makeover, make sure you paint your rooms in vibrant colors.

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