Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do To Save Money

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Ten Things You Shouldn’t Do To Save Money

1. Don’t ask for water, ask for soda.
Restaurants usually make a big profit on sodas but they charge more on a bottle of water.

2. Take all the ketchups you have been given back home.
People save a lot of money by taking ketchup packets home. You can grab a dozen or more and refill your ketchup dispenser at home.

The repercussions of this act could be that down the line restaurants would probably be charging five cents to serve ketchup.

3. Don’t take office toilet paper home.
Never take plastic crockery, coffee filters, lotion and toilet paper back home from your workplace. It is unethical as it may count as theft from the company.

You should stop doing so if you are already doing this. When items start disappearing from your office, your employer takes note. Usually employers make available coffee, hand sanitizers and other privileges for staff. If toilet paper theft begins and is recurrent in a workplace, cheaper versions will be provided by the management, which can be very uncomfortable to use.

4. Don’t use too many coupons.
You don’t need to collect coupons for 8 hours per day. Clearing all the shelves and buying useless groceries to save money is a waste of your resources.

5. Don’t under tip at any restaurant.
Working in a restaurant can be a tough job, whether you work as a server or a clerk. Make sure you tip these people well as they work the longest hours and they are under-paid.

6. Don’t use your home as a bank account.
Many people are caught in home-equity schemes and re-financing traps. So when the NYSE market crashed and the burst of the housing bubble in 2008, people ended up losing their homes and got into a lot of trouble.
7. Look for expiry dates.
When you are buying food or medicine, make sure you are looking at the expiry dates. Try buying a product with a 70% remaining shelf-life. If you are buying food then quality can be gauged by the smell, and sight of the food itself. Food poisoning can lead to nasty hospital bills which you don’t want.

8. Always remember to flush the toilet.
You will always hear plumbers suggesting not to flush the toilet too often. This is because they think that this will increase the life of plumbing. This is true but definitely not worth sitting with bad odors and possible germs.

9. Avoid washing your car yourself.
Washing your car by yourself may actually cost more as well as take more time then taking your car to the nearest car wash. Never avoid spending an extra ten dollars to keep you car clean.

10. Avoid under-using your heating and air conditioning systems.
This is odd, but people pay in thousands for air conditioning installation but never tend to use it. It is very unusual that people spend thousands on these systems yet they don’t use them. Always utilize your air conditioning as it keeps the air of the surroundings clean and healthy. Also, use your heating system in winters so you don’t fall ill due to the cold.

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