Surprising Uses of Peanut Butter

April 20, 2012 Comments Off

Peanut butter is a favorite among children; after all it makes yummy sandwiches and cookies. However, did you know it can be used beyond the kitchen as well? This tasty treat of roasted peanuts can remove difficult grimes and preserve your garden tools during winter. Here are some useful ways you can utilize peanut butter in your home:

Peanut butter easily removes sticky price tags and sticky labels
Don’t you hate it when you buy a new dish, but it has stubborn price tag that is difficult to remove? Not any more! If you have peanut butter in your home, simply apply it on the label and leave it for a few minutes. This will let peanut butter’s oil sink in the label, making it easier for you to remove the label.

To get horrendous chewing gum out of your child’s hair
Children are prone to sticking gum in their own hair. Instead of cutting your child’s hair, just spread peanut butter on your child’s hair where the chewing gum is stuck. Leave it for a while and the chewing gum will be out in a jiffy. It will save you from an expensive trip to the hairdresser to fix your child’s hair.

To catch those pesky mice
The old adage that states that mice are lured by cheese is not entirely correct. Peanut better makes a better treat to lure mice in traps than cheese. Mice are attracted by the delicious aroma of peanut butter. In addition, they will also be not able to snatch the peanut butter from the trap and run away like smart mice do with slices of cheese.

Peanut butter is perfect for lubricating your mower
Peanut butter has an oily texture that is great for lubricating things. If you have a lawn mower blade that is rusty and giving you trouble, then peanut butter is here to save you. Just smear it on the blades and your mower will soon be running with no problem. You can also smear peanut butter on your garden tools during the winter so that it doesn’t rust during the cold weather.

It’s great for cleaning leather furniture
Peanut butter can have your old and grimy leather furniture looking new. Take a small amount of peanut butter and rub it on your leather furniture with circular motion. Then simply remove it with a buffing cloth. The only disadvantage of this cleaning method is peanut butter smelling furniture. You can avoid that by adding perfume to the peanut butter before rubbing it on your leather furniture.

It helps get rid of the fishy smell in your house
When you fry fish, it can leave a horrible smell in your home. Now you can get rid of this smell easily. After you are done frying fish, you can eradicate the smell by dropping a tablespoon of peanut butter in the frying pan. Fry it for two or three minute and voila you will have a house smelling of peanut butter than stale fish and oil.

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