The 3 Week Diet

Stress is responsible for Bad Skin

Nobody can avoid stress these days. We usually get pulled in different directions because we are always trying to balance our personal and work lives. Not an easy task! However, did you ever stop thinking what serious damage stress is doing to your skin? Look in the mirror and if you see dry and dull skin, then stress is to be blamed. Stress can also cause pimple breakouts on the skin.

Why stress wreaks havoc on our bodies?
Cortisol is a hormone that is activated by stress. According to many researchers, this stress hormone causes accumulation of fat in our bodies as well as damages the skin. Stress and lack of sleep can cause the rise of cortisol in our bodies, which leads to a rise of sugar level in the blood. All of us know how bad the rise of sugar level is for diabetic individuals. Apart from this harmful effect, the increased blood sugar also starts a process in our skin known as glycation.
This process damages the collagen in our skin, which makes the skin rigid. This increases the risk of wrinkles and lines in our skin. The cortisol also reduces the production of hyaluronic acid in our skin that acts as a natural moisturizer. Moreover, it damages the skin’s barrier, which allows the hydration to seep out.
Cortisol’s partner in crime is epinephrine (adrenaline); it damages the skin’s complexion. However, in reality, epinephrine is supposed to prepare our body for danger. When epinephrine is released in the body, the blood flow circulation in the skin decreases because of epinephrine’s effect. This stops the important nutrients and particularly oxygen from reaching the skin. When a person’s skin is not getting enough oxygen, his or her skin becomes dull and sallow in complexion. The lack of blood circulation also leads to be build-up of toxins in the skin. In the long term, accumulation of toxin would lead to other skin problems like cellulite. On the other hand, good circulation of blood means glowing and rosy complexion.

For better skin, learn to deal with stress
It’s true that stress is unavoidable, but you should learn how to manage and deal with it better. One of the easiest ways of managing stress is by sleeping well. Furthermore, never keep your cell phone near your bed table because its light and ring tone will disturb your body’s sleep cycle. Next start exercising regularly; this will help you blow off steam and increase your circulation. If you can’t exercise, then travel by walking more often. Lastly learn to mediate and allot a quiet time for yourself every day so that you can release all your negative energies. Medication will also help you understand yourself much better, and you will find your being more relaxed and calm. Incorporating sleep, exercise and meditation won’t be easy but look at it as a long-time investment. You will not only get healthy and glowing skin but extend your life as well!

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

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