Strange Ways to Lose Weight

July 14, 2012 Comments Off

Some people will go to any lengths to lose weight. This is not necessarily a bad thing but you shouldn’t be manipulated with crazy weight loss schemes that might have a serious impact on your health. Some of these weight loss claims are even dangerous and can harm your health. Here some strange ways to lose weight that you should definitely avoid:

1)  Use body wraps to lose weight

Atlanta star Kim Zolciak from Real Housewives uses a weird treatment to lose weight in front of the camera. She wraps herself with elastic bandages from head to toe. After becoming mummified, Zolciak keeps moving around for the next hour so that her blood keeps circulating. Finally, after an hour she un-wraps her body and you will note that she has lost some inches of her body. Nobody yet knows how this method exactly works which makes it unsafe. Yet, it is a quick way of shedding some pounds.

2)  Using feeding tubes to lose weight

Feeding tubes are used to feed the elderly or sick. Not anymore! New brides-to-be prefer to place tubes in their nose which feeds them a protein-fat liquid. Weight loss is inevitable for these brides as they are not consuming any solid food. With the protein-fat liquid diet they are only consuming 800 calories per day.

3)  Stapling your ears

This concept stems from the theory behind acupuncture. Surgical staples are placed inside the inner cartilage of dieters and left alone for weeks. It is believed that placing surgical staples help individuals suppress their appetite. The whole method sounds excruciatingly painful.

4)  Wearing blue sunglasses

Very few foods in this world are blue in color. Probably, because the color “blue” is linked with rotten or moldy food. Many dieters have started wearing blue-tinted spectacles so that food around them doesn’t seem so appealing.

5)  Involving tape worms in your diet

This is the most disgusting diet ever. Dieters actually swallow pills that contain parasites. The parasites end up eating the food in their stomach. These critters also end up consuming the nutrition in the body but dieters don’t really care. Their biggest priority is to lose weight.

6)  Eat slowly with diet dinnerware

A website sells a fork-spoon with a lighting system. The spoon and fork control the amount of food a user can eat. The idea behind this dinnerware is that you will eat slowly thus you will end up consuming less food.

7)   A soap that helps in weight loss

A special soap is made out of unique seaweed. When you use this soap, its soapsuds penetrate deep within your skin and break down the fat. The manufacturers claim that this soap works but no scientific research proves that the soap won’t harm users.

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