Steps to Complete Six Cleaning Job Quickly

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Most individuals wish that they had a magic wand that they would need to flick, and everything would be clean magically. Though we can’t provide you with such a magic wand, we can guide you on how to complete certain cleaning tasks in less than ten minutes. The next time you have ten minutes to spare, you can make the best use of them by cleaning the following objects in your home:

1) Light Fixture
Beautiful light fixtures add an element of elegance in your house. Surprisingly most individuals forget to clean them. If you look at your house now, you will see all your light fixtures are dusty with grime. All the grime must be affecting the quality of light in your home. It only takes a few minutes to clean these light fixtures with a dust cloth. You can also take the fixture down and rinse it.

However, if you are using incandescent bulbs, note they make the light fixtures hot. So make sure you turn off the light for around fifteen minutes before you start cleaning the light fixtures.

2) Fireplace Ash
If you regularly burn wood in your fireplace to keep your warm, then pile of ashes will start accumulating in your fireplace. This will contribute to allergens and decrease the air quality in your house. Cleaning the fireplace is a simple task; all you need is a broom, a dustpan and a vacuum. You will finish cleaning the fireplace in ten minutes.

3) Drawers
Almost everybody has a junk drawer where they dump all their unnecessary items. Ginny Snook, who is the chief organization officer from California Closets, suggests that we choose one such drawer every week and clean it thoroughly. Many individuals pile up their drawers with things that they don’t need. Get rid of all the unnecessary items by emptying your drawer and going through each item.

4) Pet’s Bed Covers and Pillow Cases
The best way to clean your pet’s bed covers and pillow cases is to toss them into the dryer for ten minute. The drying process will remove all the pet hair from the pet’s bed covers and pillow cases. All the hair will gather in the dryer’s lint trap so you can easily remove it.

5) Microwave
A microwave needs to be thoroughly cleaned inside so that there are no messy food splatters or stains left inside. Sometimes crusts also start forming inside the microwaves. Instead of scrubbing your microwave clean, you can fill a medium-sized bowl with half water and white vinegar. Place the bowl inside the microwave and heat the mixture for five minutes. When the five minutes are up, you will notice that cleaning your microwave from the inside is ten times easier and faster.

6) Shower Fixtures and Knobs
This is another object that can be cleaned more thoroughly with vinegar. However, before you start scrubbing the shower fixtures and knobs with vinegar, make sure the vinegar does not harm the finishing if your showerheads and knobs.

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