Six Germ-filled Places and Objects

June 22, 2012 Comments Off

A book named “List Maker’s Get-Healthy Guide” was published by Prevention Magazine’s editors. In case you didn’t know, this magazine happens to be one of the best health magazines in the USA, so pay close attention to an important fact that was stated in this book. According to this book, an average adult can touch more than 25 objects in a minute that will contain harmful germs. Here are some objects and places that you should especially be cautious of:

1) Restaurant Menus- The Journal of Medical Virology recently reported that cold and flu viruses will survive for 18 hours on any hard surfaces. These viruses can survive on objects like menus that are never cleaned or wiped by restaurant staff. So don’t ever let your menu touch your food or silverware and most importantly always wash your hands with soap after placing your order.

2) Lemon Wedges – A study conducted in 2007 found that more than 60% of the lemon wedges placed on restaurant glasses’ rims contains dangerous microbes. The study found more than twenty different microorganisms on lemons, including E.coli. This study was published in the Journal of Environmental Health.

 3) Soap Dispensers - More than twenty percent of public restroom dispensers are contaminated with fecal matter because they are never washed properly. Charles Gerba, who is a microbiologist, warns that millions of bacteria grow on soap dispensers due to continuous culture feeding. The best way to avoid these germs and bacteria is by scrubbing your hand thoroughly for 20 seconds. Furthermore, use hot water to wash your hand.

 4) Airplane Bathrooms – A study found that the bathrooms in commercial jets were contaminated with E.Coli! According to scientific research, you are more vulnerable to germs and viruses on the plane because your immune system is down when you are up on the air. Why? Because you are breathing recycled air.

 5) Condiment Dispensers – The fifth dirty object in the list condiments dispensers. Like the menus, the restaurant staffs rarely clean their condiment dispensers. Always use a hand sanitizer, after you have used the condiment dispensers.

 6)  Grocery Cart – The University of Arizona conducted a study that you will simply find disgusting and gross. It found that two-thirds of the grocery carts were contaminated with fecal matter. The study stated that there were more bacteria on the grocery carts than in restrooms! This is why it is important that you carry disinfectant wipe with you and wipe the grocery cart’s handle before touching it.

After reading this article, we are certain you will surely wash your hands before eating! On a final note, invest in a good hand sanitizer and keep it in your bag wherever you go because you are not safe from germs even in places like restaurants!

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