Simple Ways to Save Money On Christmas Decoration

December 3, 2012 Comments Off

If you think trimming up your home for Christmas will cost you a fortune this year, then think again! If you get creative and plan ahead you can deck the halls with boughs of holly without it costing the earth. You never know, you might even enjoy exploring your crafty side!

1. Make your own decorations

Christmas crafts are big this year and if you start early you’ll have plenty of time to make your decorations by hand. Look online for the best deals from craft shops, where you can easily find colourful paper to make 50′s inspired paper chains.

Fish out last years cards and use the best designs to make your very own buntings. They’ll look great, save you money and you’ll find yourself getting into the Christmas spirit in the process.

2. Hunt for bargains

You can’t make all your Christmas decorations, there are some things like lights and tinsel that you’ll have to buy. Don’t fall for the overpriced items you’ll find at garden centres and Christmas shops. Instead try looking in your local pound shop, you’ll be amazed at the range they have on offer. Large supermarkets also do great value lines of Christmas products. They often sell them as a loss leader to encourage customers to come to the store, so you could find yourself with a real bargain.

3. Go vintage

Re-invent your old decorations from years gone by. If you search your loft and ask your family and friends to do the same, you’ll be amazed at what you can find. Some of the decorations might need a loving pair of hands to restore them to their former glory, but vintage is bigger than ever this year so it’s worth the effort.

By putting these simple tips into practice you’ll save yourself a fortune and have some great custom decorations to boot – so Merry Christmas!

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