Rudest Things visitors Say to Brides and Grooms

September 22, 2012 Comments Off

Where alcohol and emotions flow freely chances are people can say rude stuff. This case is frequent at weddings. It can bring out the best in a person or can bring obnoxious behavior in the pleasant environment of your wedding.  The following article will tell you how to tackle these intoxicated statements without creating a scene.

“Are you confident that you’re ready?”

Translation: This may come from an un-married friend. Since they don’t believe in long-term commitments, it’s difficult for them to digest your step towards marriage.

Quick comeback: Reply with full confidence and tell your friend that you and your fiancé’s love is eternal and both of you want to be together.

“This marriage will not last.”

Translation: this may come from a divorced member of your family or friends. It maybe something from the past or that person may not be comfortable with good new or good happenings. The person may be a pessimistic type.

Quick comeback: Relax, take it lightly and ignore such statements. Think of it as drunken rage or someone letting out their pessimism.

“Your engagement was too long.”

Translation: An engagement that has been on for over a year is deemed excessive by a lot of folk. But some think it’s necessary to solve any issues and to pull together everything.

Quick comeback: This is a good comeback. Just tell them that you are saving money for your wedding since all agents are booked for a year and are quite expensive too.

“Your engagement was too short.”

Translation: If your fiancé and you have decided to be engaged for a small period then this might be shocking news for some people.  Any person who says these words doubts the time you will have to plan your wedding.

Quick comeback: Be calm. Assure them that you have ample of time to plan a wedding or you plan to hire a wedding planner.

“Is that ring you really desired?”

Translation: This may rise from jealousy. Engagement rings can be small or big. The ring you are getting is probably a focus of all their envious and jealous feelings for you.

Quick comeback: Tell that person how happy you and your fiancé are. This will shift their focus from the ring and removing all negative vibes.

“That is an ugly bridesmaid.”

Translation: If a bridesmaid complains about her dress then she’s probably strapped for her cash. She was probably thinking that you would pick something cheaper. Your pick may be hideous.

Quick comeback: Try finding out what she likes and what she doesn’t. Let her pick her own colors and silhouette.

“That’s an amazing idea, I’ll do it on my wedding.”

Translation: It fuels your anger when a friend plans on stealing your wedding idea. Calm down -appreciate it. Consider it a compliment, your ideas amaze your friend and are steering her towards a different direction.

Quick comeback: With your acceptance and agreement, tell your friend that the idea will be perfect for their wedding. Yet she should personalize the theme to fit her personality and style.

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