Reasons Why Women Feel Forced To Hold On To Their Abusive Relationships

July 30, 2012 Comments Off

Despite being abused and tortured in a relationship, some women still tend to stick with their abusive partners. This leaves many minds wondering why these women make such a choice when they can choose to live a better life without being in the relationship with an abusive partner.

Many women living in such situations are actually unaware of their options. They have no clue about what to do if they are caught in such a relationship. The following are some reasons why women are forced to hold on to their abusive relation:

Hope – a very negative word in this scenario. Women get into relationship with men with the hope that they would be a great companion. But even when they experience the dark side of the same person, their hope doesn’t die.

Convincing yourself that one day he will change is just like a clouded judgment that will make the situation even foggier. Nobody can stand physical abuse, fights, constant betrayal, sleepless nights, mental torture and threats forever. Ask yourself if you are ready to live with it for another year, or month or just another day. You can’t give up your life for hollow hopes.

Security – This excuse is absolutely lame as there is actually no security with a partner who is abusive. The person who tortures you and threatens you does not deserve companionship. You are counting on the wrong man. And if you are sticking up with your abusive partner thinking you will never be able to find another man, that’s a wrong approach. There are so many single women out there who are living their life happily and with respect. If you believe you will always be unlucky with a man, this is not true. You need to change the way you think.

Financial Support – It is usually those jobless women who think they will break without a man due to financial crisis. This fear is valid to a certain extent, but not an appropriate reason to live in an abusive relationship. Financial backup is not more important than living a peaceful life without any fears. If you decide to give up on the relationship, start looking for a job now. Your ultimate goal at this level should be to learn how to manage without an abusive partner, instead of living with him for the sake of financial support.

Threatened – Some women are also forced to live with their abusive partners for the sake of their or their loved ones lives. Women are bruised and beaten when they try to escape. Instead of living with a threatening psychopath, a woman should take a stand against him and report to the police about it. Taking the matter to family and friends also helps sometimes.

Neither your abusive partner nor these reasons are worth sacrificing your life for. So before you convince yourself with any of these reasons, think again and make a better decision for your future.

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