Plan On Saving Gas: 21 Ways to Help You Out to Reduce Your Cost

September 12, 2012 Comments Off

Inflation has become an infection to global economy. This is a part and partial outcome of rising oil prices; today everyone is looking for alternatives or gasoline saving measures. This advice will help you spend less on gasoline while saving more for other tenuous chores and errands.

Keep Your Mechanical Lungs Clean
Old-damaged spark plugs and a dirt air intake will reduce your mileage by at least 2 miles per gallon. This is due to inefficient combustion.

Check Your Sensors
Having a malfunctioning oxygen sensor can decrease your mileage by 40%.

Public Transport
Prefer using public transportation to commute daily.

Ride-share And Carpool Programs
Take benefit from these programs as shared carpool programs save a lot on gas expenses.

Use less-used routes rather than routes with known traffic jams.

Switch Your Timings
Try leaving early to avoid peak hour traffic jams.

Work Remotely
If your boss allows it, try working from home, since telecommuting costs zero gallons.

2-Wheeler Rides
If saving gas is your top priority, then try going on a motorcycle.

Shop in Bulk
Try shopping in bulk to minimize the trips to the mall.

Multiple Errands
Try doing several errands with a warm engine rather than starting your car repetitively. Starting a cold engine uses up more fuel than a running engine.

Convenience Shopping
You should opt to shop from stores that offer multiple services.

Park Anywhere
Don’t roam around in the parking lot looking for space. Stop at any possible spot and walk.

Exercise Is Good
Let your kids walk to school or take a bus. If the school is at quite a distance, then try car pooling with other parents.

Enjoy Your Vacations Close To Home
If you are planning a vacation, look for the nearest possible attraction. Save the long drives.

Drive Slow
Drive gentle and slowly instead of taking off like an air plane.

Anticipate When Driving
Don’t accelerate to the next traffic light and hit your brakes. Accelerating and slow starts consume high amounts of gasoline. Also, anticipate road gradients when driving. Maintaining constant speed on a hill or going downhill will help you save fuel, rather than accelerating uphill.

Don’t open the Tail Gate
Studies and research has proven that the urban myth about keeping your tail gate down to reduce resistance is wrong. Using a cover on the rear bed of the truck is the best way to reduce resistance and increase your mileage.

Ice Is Bad
If the weather is cold, be careful about snow buildup or ice. This can make your car heavy and reduce your mileage.

Look For Cover
Utilize covered parking spaces or your garage. This will keep your fuel from evaporating while reducing the need for Air conditioning.

Bigger Is Not Always Better
Buy a car with the best gas mileage. You can compromise on your fuel costs and spend elsewhere if you still want to show off.

Start Fresh
If your car is a gas guzzler, then think of switching to an alternative fuel car or a hybrid car.

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