Painless Saving: 10 Ways to Help You Out to Save Extra Money

September 7, 2012 Comments Off

If you are planning on saving money for future endeavors, it shouldn’t be such a painful ordeal. Taking positive steps should not have a negative impact on daily life. Try finding ways where you are saving but you don’t feel deprived.
Here are a few tips that will help you save money without the suffering.

1. Reduce your talk-time
Consider shrinking your bills and look for other carriers and their offers. Reducing your talk-time can save around $200 per year. Save even more if you have the right combination of carrier and minutes.

2. Get rid of the land line
You are paying $ 300 in rent for your landline. In some cases yearly bills don’t total up to the rent one has to pay off. Since the world of today has become dependent on cellular technology, its high-time you dispose off your landline.

3. Drop your gym membership
Start working out at home. You will find tons of workout videos online. Join free fitness sites and get the latest techniques of exercising at home. This will buff your wallet in the future. Look for cheap gym equipment on E-Bay or Craigslist.

4. Remove the cable connection
Internet streaming speeds have become phenomenally fast. Why waste money on cable, when you can watch all the news and your favorite shows online.  Get satellite TV which is connected to your PC. It’s cheaper and has more channels.

5. Increase your deductibles
If you increase your insurance payments it could probably decrease your monthly cost. Since these offers have percentages attached, doubling your payments will allow you to save 10-15 %. Try increasing your deductibles from $250 to $999.

6. Plan your vacation to the closest destination
Spending a vacation in your local region is the best way to save money. Weekend vacations and day trips will give you the opportunity to save a lot. Go to local places toured by foreigners. Chances are you will get discounts for being locals that tourists don’t get.

7. Food savings
Stock non-perishables if you have the space at home. Try availing offers such as buy-one get-one free. Utilize salvage groceries and their amazing deals. Try browsing online for amazing discounted deals on groceries. Avail the discount cards and coupons you get from these websites. This will allow you to save at least $ 300 yearly.

8. Save on purchasing clothes
Try spending less on clothes. You can get some cash by selling clothes which you don’t use anymore. A yard sale can always help. If selling clothes doesn’t satisfy you, drop them off at a charity store and get a tax rebate.

9. Cut back on entertainment
Amusement is a necessity, but you can keep yourself happy for a small amount. Instead of going out to restaurants, try organizing a picnic to the nearest park. Pack your best dish and tell your friends to bring some entrees as well.

10. Save on purchasing makeup
Try using your makeup applications with water or solvents. This will reduce your costs and help in saving more money on re-purchases. Also try looking for online discounts for cosmetics.

The points mentioned above are areas where you can save money without hindering your lifestyle. Try following these tips to save more than 2-3 grands in the coming year.

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