Not Again: Steps for Keeping Cavities Away

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Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, yet even those who have excellent oral hygiene may have cavities beginning to form on the surface of their teeth. Generally, early cavities cannot be seen with the naked eye, yet they may be discovered during a person’s dental exam. If not treated, cavities can lead to serious dental problems such as nerve damage, infections and missing teeth. Fortunately, there are many things that a person can do to keep cavities away while preserving their healthy smile.

Brush Twice a Day
When a person eats or drinks, particles of food can be left in their mouth and on tooth surfaces. When these particles begin to break down, bacteria can form that will eventually lead to cavities. Additionally, the acids from foods can also break down the enamel. For this reason, dentists usually recommend that everyone should brush their teeth at least twice a day; however, those with special dental needs may need to brush more often.

Floss Every Day
Brushing is effective for removing the majority of plaque and bacteria from tooth surfaces; however, regular brushing can often leave behind food particles that are caught between the teeth and under the gums. Therefore, a person should floss every day to remove bacteria while stimulating the gum tissue. This can not only prevent cavities, but it can also help to prevent and even reverse gum disease.

Use a Mouth Rinse
Mouth rinses are designed to further reduce the amount of bacteria in a person’s mouth. While there are many different types of mouth rinses on the market, a person should look for one that is anti-microbial. Prescription mouth rinses are also available from dentists for those who have significant dental problems.

Practice a Healthy Lifestyle
Exercise and diet can have a significant impact upon a person’s predisposition toward cavities. Eating sugary foods are not only bad for the waistline, but the sugar they contain can also feed the bacteria that cause cavities. Reducing one’s intake of sugary foods can also lead to a reduction in cavities. In addition to a healthy diet, regular exercise can help a person to ward off stress while boosting their immune system. This can also help their body to fight off bacteria in their mouth.

Avoiding cavities is easily accomplished by making a few simple lifestyle changes. In addition to getting regular exercise and practicing proper oral hygiene, a person should also be sure to visit their dentist for regular cleanings and exams. According to if you forget to go to the dentist ask your dentist for dental postcards as seen at  This way, every step is covered to keeping cavities away for good.

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